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The Hella Fried Chicken
Wins - 36
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 110000
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Mescaline Joe
Wins - 19
Losses - 12
Total Bets: 10000100
Mescaline Joe won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between Mescaline Joe and The Hella Fried Chicken was intense from the very beginning. Mescaline Joe, with his impressive Superman-like flying skills, started the fight off strong. The Hella Fried Chicken seemed to be caught off guard by Mescaline Joe’s speed, taking a heavy hit that sent him floating in outer space.

It didn’t take long for The Hella Fried Chicken to retaliate, however. He charged at Mescaline Joe and landed a solid hit, causing the latter to lose blood. Mescaline Joe wasn’t one to back down, though. He threw eggs at The Hella Fried Chicken’s eyes, causing the latter to lose sight and stumble around.

The Hella Fried Chicken wasn’t going to let Mescaline Joe get away with that lightly, though. He BBQ’d Mescaline Joe with Bob’s Burninator, causing the latter to bleed from a laceration. It was looking like The Hella Fried Chicken might just come out on top.

Mescaline Joe had other plans, however. He unleashed a flurry of razor-sharp feathers that tore through The Hella Fried Chicken’s defenses and left him vulnerable. The battle was intense, but in the end, Mescaline Joe emerged victorious, having smoked The Hella Fried Chicken.

- Battle Log -
Mescaline Joe is up in the air flying toward his opponent like he's Superman! The Hella Fried Chicken was hit so hard his ass is now floating in outer space! (-20) The Hella Fried Chicken charges at Mescaline Joe and lands a solid hit. (-2) Mescaline Joe is losing blood... (-5) Mescaline Joe throws eggs at The Hella Fried Chicken's eyes! (-23) The Hella Fried Chicken BBQ's Mescaline Joe with Bob's Burninator! EXXTRA Burnt & Pass the EXXTRA HOT Sauce Please! (-2) Mescaline Joe is bleeding from a laceration... (-5) Mescaline Joe unleashes a flurry of razor-sharp feathers that shred The Hella Fried Chicken's defenses and leave them vulnerable. (-31) Mescaline Joe has smoked The Hella Fried Chicken! Block Height - 16931631 Battle Hash - f3dabb91bfb0489b5ac0cd52ae539758c849cdd2884e867b73d9ba6019f8b6d1