Welcome to Super Fried Chicken

Enter Hunter's world of psychedelic fueled adventures. Join us as he fights his way to the top of the food chain, and puts the cock boss in his place. Every turn he takes hides a devious lizard in the shadows as the cartel bosses try to put a stop to his antics.




Join the Family Combo with 5,999 super f@#$Ed up chickens invading the ETH chain. Born and raised in Barstow yet they still don't know where they are at.
Each chicken generates tendies, increasing for every chicken in your wallet. Watch out because if they start tripping, they start generating more tendies. These chickens have not only been raised for good eatin, but good fightin. Tendies are key to creating the most lethal chicken possible.
How many mints?

1 mint per wallet, saucy chicks were permitted 3 mints per wallet

Team held 500 cocks.

IP Ownership?

You as the NFT owner will have 100% IP ownership in the NFT you own.

That means you can do whatever the cluck you want with it as long as you "Own" it.

You can even choke it if you want!

Be the best cock you can be, with psychodelic cockfights.

Who team?

Cluck cluck…not Yuga. cluck cluck.


Born and bred in Barstow, California. Living a life off the beaten path.

In a vast food desert, the chickens were starving… desperate…

They found an abandoned chicken shack, closed for years, but to their surprise, many many packages were inside.

So delicious… So nutritious…

More goodies than they could ever peck…

But there were side effects…

Everything changed, and then the fightclub began. Oh cluck! we aren’t supposed to talk about that.

He might get mad.