Welcome to the Super Fried Chicken Retro Arcade

A hidden gem discovered in the depths of our basement! Powered by MAME, this treasure trove of classic arcade games brings back the golden age of fighting games. Imagine standing side by side with friends, ready to battle it out in games like Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Mortal Kombat, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's a nostalgic journey to an era when arcades were the ultimate gaming destination.

Step into our time capsule and experience the thrill of playing these beloved titles, just like you remember. We've dusted off these arcade classics and brought them back to life for our SFC NFT holders to enjoy. So grab a controller, immerse yourself in the retro arcade atmosphere, and relive the excitement of gaming history with us!

You need a Super Fried Chicken to play!


* Click the little bird head in the header to login.

Super Fried Chicken Cockcade - Triptaminas Experience