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Nevermind the BuzzCocks...
Wins - 105
Losses - 90
Total Bets: 100
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Buzz Cut
Wins - 6
Losses - 9
Total Bets: 100
Nevermind the BuzzCocks... won the fight!
- Summary -

This battle between Nevermind the BuzzCocks… and Buzz Cut started off with both chickens sizing each other up. However, it didn’t take long for Nevermind the BuzzCocks… to deliver a brutal kick to Buzz Cut’s midsection. Buzz Cut was left reeling from the attack and was quickly losing blood.

In an attempt to turn the tables, Buzz Cut resorted to a dirty tactic and rubbed some spice in Nevermind the BuzzCocks…’s eyes. As Nevermind the BuzzCocks… staggered around blindly, Buzz Cut asked him the age-old question of which came first - the chicken or the egg. This proved to be too much for Nevermind the BuzzCocks… and his head began to explode from the confusion.

Despite being wounded and disoriented, Nevermind the BuzzCocks… managed to fight back and inflict a shallow wound on Buzz Cut. However, it wasn’t enough to turn the tide of the battle. Nevermind the BuzzCocks… had one last trick up his sleeve and slipped Buzz Cut some DMT, convincing him that he could fly. Buzz Cut fell for the trick and gleefully jumped off a cliff, only to plummet to his death.

With Buzz Cut lying bloodied and defeated, Nevermind the BuzzCocks… emerged victorious. It’s clear that this was a fierce and intense battle, but in the end, Nevermind the BuzzCocks… proved to be the stronger chicken.

- Battle Log -
Nevermind the BuzzCocks... delivers a devastating kick to Buzz Cut's midsection. (-18) Buzz Cut is losing blood... (-5) Buzz Cut rubs spice in Nevermind the BuzzCocks...’s eyes and then asks him which came first the chicken or the egg? Nevermind the BuzzCocks...’s head is beginning to explode! (-23) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... is bleeding from a shallow wound... (-5) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... slips Buzz Cut some DMT and convinces him that he can fly. Buzz Cut gleefully jumps off a cliff and immediately plummets to the ground! (-26) Buzz Cut is bleeding from a severe gash... (-10) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... has taken the cake! Block Height - 16930871 Battle Hash - 56515650793b70d392d2e95ee4ea2aab850b7c88a5bb69ad9046eb5707c4b5a3