Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bucket-helmet
Item Background bobs-burninator
Wins - 2
Losses - 2
Total Bets: 300330300
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bobs-burninator
The Hella Fried Chicken
Wins - 36
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 1000100
mindclucker won the fight!
- Summary -

The epic battle between two mighty chicken-warriors was both thrilling and gruesome. From the start, mindclucker took a bold approach and spat gasoline into The Hella Fried Chicken’s face, causing serious damage. However, The Hella Fried Chicken was not so easily defeated and retaliated by sprouting giant dragon wings and using them to create a powerful gust of wind that threw mindclucker backwards.

As the battle raged on, both chickens seemed to be evenly matched, with each landing blows and suffering injuries. mindclucker took the upper hand when it launched a barrage of headbutts, causing significant damage to The Hella Fried Chicken. In retaliation, The Hella Fried Chicken launched a rug project that scammed mindclucker of all their tendies, leaving them vulnerable.

But mindclucker was not about to give up without a fight. Determined to bring glory to its family, mindclucker charged towards The Hella Fried Chicken with flapping wings, dealing a massive blow that ultimately proved too much for The Hella Fried Chicken. As the dust settled, it was clear that mindclucker had emerged victorious.

Despite the brutal nature of the battle, it was a testament to the fierce warrior spirit of these two chickens. Though they fought with all their might, only one could be declared the winner. For mindclucker, the victory was hard-earned, but it had proven itself a mighty chicken worthy of honor and respect.

- Battle Log -
mindclucker spits gasoline into The Hella Fried Chicken's face! (-10) The Hella Fried Chicken has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) The Hella Fried Chicken suddenly sprouts a pair of giant dragon wings, using them to create a powerful gust of wind that throws mindclucker backwards. (-6) mindclucker is bleeding from a shallow cut... (-5) mindclucker pummels The Hella Fried Chicken with a barrage of headbutts. (-15) The Hella Fried Chicken is bleeding... (-5) The Hella Fried Chicken launches a rug project. mindclucker gets scammed of all their tendies! (-11) mindclucker has a serious cut that is gushing blood... (-10) mindclucker charges towards The Hella Fried Chicken with flapping wings (-19) The Hella Fried Chicken's nose is bleeding... (-5) mindclucker has brought glory to his family! Block Height - 16901453 Battle Hash - 3eed67163f537800ee5bfdbbe30e13ad71306db2c678b90340d35be88184e46d