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Peccos Bill
Wins - 13
Losses - 15
Total Bets: 35713
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Tripz 4 Dayz
Wins - 112
Losses - 92
Total Bets: 222
Peccos Bill won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your seats, because I’ve got an unbelievable spectacle to report! Last night, our psychedelic colosseum was awash with colours and energy as Peccos Bill, with a record of 11-14, faced off against formidable fighter Tripz 4 Dayz, boasting a record of 112-91. But guess what? Records mean nothing when push comes to shove - and shove they did!

The fight kicked off with Peccos Bill not pulling any punches, generating a ball of searing-hot oil from the notorious Bob’s Burninator. He lobbed it at the seemingly unperturbed Tripz 4 Dayz, causing an explosive impact that sent shockwaves through the crowd.

Unfazed, Tripz 4 Dayz swung their legendary Bird Brained Flail, opening up a vortex that threatened to pull Peccos Bill into oblivion. The colosseum was filled with horrified gasps at the raw, unrestrained power on display.

But Peccos was made of sterner stuff. He mustered his strength, and like a feathered missile, he charged at Tripz 4 Dayz, smacking them with his tail. Tripz was sent soaring through the air, much to the crowd’s delight.

Tripz 4 Dayz retaliated with an earth-shattering shockwave that shook the colosseum. Our very seats trembled under the force of it, but Peccos Bill held steady. The magic came when Bill puffed out a joint smoke screen. The arena air became clouded, obscuring vision and leaving Tripz 4 Dayz out of sight.

When the smoke cleared, the sight terrified everyone – Tripz 4 Dayz’s eye was bleeding.

In a swift turn of events, Peccos Bill took a punch to the face, but he wasn’t ready to lose face yet. Wrapping up his offensive, he dropped another super-hot blast from Bob’s Burninator - the very sight of it left the crowd, and poor Tripz 4 Dayz, in shock and disbelief.

By this point, Tripz 4 Dayz was in bad shape, blood streaming from a gash… but, the end had not come yet.

With a unbelievable burst of energy, Peccos Bill tackled his way to victory - winning not only the fight, but the hearts of everyone in attendance. But let’s not forget, he did not just win the fight: Peccos Bill took all the Tendies!

What a wild ride it was, folks! With this sensational victory, Peccos Bill has firmly etched his name in the annals of the SFC Fight Club’s history. Until next time, keep your feathers up and your beaks sharp, my friends!

- Battle Log -
Peccos Bill hurls a ball of searing-hot oil from Bob's Burninator, striking Tripz 4 Dayz with explosive force! (-12) Tripz 4 Dayz spins the Bird Brained Flail and creates a vortex that sucks Peccos Bill towards them! (-5) Peccos Bill charges forward and smacks Tripz 4 Dayz with their tail, sending them soaring through the air. (-6) The force of Tripz 4 Dayz's attack creates a shockwave that shakes the earth beneath Peccos Bill's feet! (-11) Peccos Bill blows a joint smoke screen, and Tripz 4 Dayz can't see sh@t! (-6) Tripz 4 Dayz's eye is bleeding... (-5) Peccos Bill gets punched in the face! (-5) Peccos Bill unleashes a super-hot blast from Bob's Burninator, leaving Tripz 4 Dayz in a state of shock and disbelief! (-12) Tripz 4 Dayz is bleeding from a severe gash... (-10) Peccos Bill has taken all the Tendies with this win! Block Height - 17914272 Battle Hash - 239b19c043e0d3659c7aca7bb85b9345850699361946af5f1bfa318f9e94f3b3