Peccos Bill

Bill has always dreamt of being a chef. He loves cooking and making chick's and cock's bellies full.

He opened his first restaurant on the edge of the forest and desert and chickens from all corners of the world have come to try his famous fill-a-chicken burger made from the best ingredients in the world.

Bill was told that there was a psychedelic fight club that had many empty bellies to fill. So he packed his restaurant onto a truck so he could bring the food to the chickens.

What he didn't know was that he would get enrolled in a fight himself. So now with no way out he decided to take a special pill that a friend gave him, this friend said once you take the red pill you will not see things as you used to.

So Bill took the pill and now has been frying cocks on his food truck getting ready for the real fight.

Watch out cocks or you'll get fried!

Wins - 13
Losses - 15


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