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Uncircumsized Samoan
Wins - 7
Losses - 11
Total Bets: 666666
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Item Background hunters-med-pack
The Hella Fried Chicken
Wins - 36
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 100
Uncircumsized Samoan won the fight!
- Summary -

The fantasy battle between two chickens was one for the ages. The Hella Fried Chicken started off strong, using his powerful voice to blast Uncircumsized Samoan’s ears. However, Uncircumsized Samoan was not one to be taken down easily. With a skilled twirl of his Bird Brained Flail, he sliced The Hella Fried Chicken into pieces.

But The Hella Fried Chicken was not one to be outdone. He called upon the powers of the elements and summoned a massive tidal wave that crashed down on Uncircumsized Samoan. The impact was brutal, leaving Uncircumsized Samoan dazed and confused.

But just as it seemed that The Hella Fried Chicken had the upper hand, Uncircumsized Samoan came back with a vengeance. With a devastating palm strike to The Hella Fried Chicken’s nose, he caused blood to spurt everywhere. It was a brutal hit, and it looked like it might be too much for The Hella Fried Chicken to handle.

In the end, it was Uncircumsized Samoan who emerged victorious. Despite the powerful attacks of The Hella Fried Chicken, Uncircumsized Samoan proved to be too strong and too skilled for his opponent. With a loud cry of victory, Uncircumsized Samoan secured the W, his name etched forever in the annals of chicken battle history.

- Battle Log -
The Hella Fried Chicken screams out a sonic rooster morning call that blows out Uncircumsized Samoan's ear drums! (-13) Uncircumsized Samoan twirls the Bird Brained Flail and creates a whirlwind of feathers that slices The Hella Fried Chicken! (-15) The Hella Fried Chicken calls upon the power of the elements, causing a massive tidal wave to crash down on Uncircumsized Samoan! (-18) Uncircumsized Samoan lands a devastating palm strike to The Hella Fried Chicken's nose, causing blood to spurt. (-15) Uncircumsized Samoan has secured the W! Block Height - 16981197 Battle Hash - 9263f602ad05cb3aa419263114b8c62a2822061cb8deb00dbe3aadddbe77f9b8