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Mr Cockyagi
Wins - 7
Losses - 5
Total Bets: 100
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Item Background bird-brained-flail
The Hella Fried Chicken
Wins - 36
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 1000100
Mr Cockyagi won the fight!
- Summary -

The two chickens stood facing each other in the middle of the arena. The Hella Fried Chicken had a determined look on its face as it picked up the Bird Brained Flail and swung it wildly towards Mr Cockyagi’s face. The latter remained unfazed as he expertly wielded Bob’s Burninator, covering his opponent in burning hot oil. The Hella Fried Chicken was visibly wounded, unable to move for a while.

Despite sustaining a serious injury, The Hella Fried Chicken swooped down and delivered a vicious peck to Mr Cockyagi. He stumbled momentarily, but quickly regained his composure and dealt a crushing blow that caused a miniature earthquake beneath his opponent. The Hella Fried Chicken had a serious cut that was gushing blood. It was clear that the end was near.

Mr Cockyagi continued his assault, determined to finish what he had started. He launched another attack that left The Hella Fried Chicken writhing in agony. With one last peck, Mr Cockyagi emerged victorious. The crowd cheered as he strutted around the arena, basking in the glory of his hard-earned victory.

- Battle Log -
The Hella Fried Chicken picks up the Bird Brained Flail and swings it wildly at Mr Cockyagi's face. I hope he's got health insurance! (-3) Mr Cockyagi wields Bob's Burninator with precision, covering The Hella Fried Chicken in burning hot oil! They won't be moving for a while! (-20) The Hella Fried Chicken bled... (-5) The Hella Fried Chicken swoops down and delivers a vicious peck to Mr Cockyagi. (-3) Mr Cockyagi delivers a crushing blow, causing a miniature earthquake beneath The Hella Fried Chicken! (-20) The Hella Fried Chicken has a serious cut that is gushing blood... (-10) Mr Cockyagi has defeated The Hella Fried Chicken! Block Height - 16963359 Battle Hash - ba7a426782a439ddc476076681f22209569fa6a5a5db0ca96d7850c5b882b6f7