Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bobs-burninator
Item Background bucket-helmet
Super Fried Chicken #2346
Wins - 1
Losses - 3
Total Bets: 100100
Item Background frog-skin-shield
Item Background bucket-helmet
Item Background golden-tenderizer
Ultimate fighter #3842
Wins - 0
Losses - 2
Total Bets: 100
Super Fried Chicken #2346 won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle was fierce - feathers flew everywhere as both chickens fought fiercely for their dominance. Ultimate fighter #3842 started off the match strong with a surprise attack, throwing hot sauce at Super Fried Chicken #2346’s eyes. The burn was evident as Super Fried Chicken #2346 struggled to see. But quick to recover, Super Fried Chicken #2346 used their agility to create a whirlwind that threw Ultimate fighter #3842 off balance.

Ultimate fighter #3842 was not giving up yet, however. Being a skilled fighter, Ultimate Fighter #3842 used the Golden Tenderizer to knock Super Fried Chicken #2346 back. It was a solid hit that landed a blow and left Super Fried Chicken #2346 wounded. The fight seemed to be in Ultimate fighter #3842’s favor.

But Super Fried Chicken #2346 was not one to back down from a challenge. In a move that was unexpected, Super Fried Chicken #2346 charged up energy in their beak, and released a massive blast that engulfed Ultimate fighter #3842 in smoke. The damage was extensive, and Ultimate fighter #3842 was left reeling from the impact. The match was almost over.

With a gaping wound and blood loss, Ultimate fighter #3842 was struggling to keep up. Super Fried Chicken #2346 saw the opportunity and took it. In a final move, Super Fried Chicken #2346 launched an attack that left Ultimate fighter #3842 smoldering on the ground. The outcome was clear, Super Fried Chicken #2346 was the winner of the match. The battle was over, and Super Fried Chicken #2346 had emerged victorious, earning the title of cock master.

- Battle Log -
Ultimate fighter #3842 throws Hot Sauce at Super Fried Chicken #2346's eyes and it's burning! It's burning! (-6) Super Fried Chicken #2346 spins rapidly like a tornado, creating a whirlwind that sends Ultimate fighter #3842 flying. (-11) Ultimate fighter #3842's eye is bleeding... (-5) Ultimate fighter #3842 knocks Super Fried Chicken #2346 back with a heavy punch from the Golden Tenderizer! (-3) Super Fried Chicken #2346 is bleeding from a shallow wound... (-5) Super Fried Chicken #2346 charges up energy in their beak and releases a powerful blast that leaves Ultimate fighter #3842 smoldering. (-16) Ultimate fighter #3842 is bleeding from a gaping wound... (-10) Super Fried Chicken #2346 is on his way to cock master! Block Height - 16931549 Battle Hash - 93eaafcbb95962d1d5ccc3a17773a142856c3a951931b6df474229d6fef829a7