Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bobs-burninator
Opensea aka. Brokensea
Wins - 2
Losses - 0
Total Bets: 100100
Item Background dmt-wing
Item Background bucket-helmet
Item Background golden-tenderizer
Ultimate FIGHTER #3659
Wins - 0
Losses - 2
Total Bets: 1000
Opensea aka. Brokensea won the fight!
- Summary -

Opensea, also known as Brokensea, entered the fantasy battle with determination, ready to defeat their opponent, Ultimate FIGHTER #3659. Their first move was to blow a magical mushroom powder towards their enemy, causing damage right off the bat. However, Ultimate FIGHTER #3659 quickly retaliated by unleashing a torrent of flames, managing to inflict a significant amount of damage to Opensea aka. Brokensea.

Despite the setback, Opensea aka. Brokensea refused to give up and created a blazing-hot vortex using Bob’s Burninator. This move proved to be incredibly effective, and Ultimate FIGHTER #3659 was dragged into the fiery maelstrom created by the vortex. While it managed to survive this onslaught, it was wounded and bleeding slowly.

In the end, it was clear who had emerged as the winner. Opensea aka. Brokensea had dominated their opponent, managing to inflict a total amount of damage that was too much for Ultimate FIGHTER #3659 to handle. While it was undoubtedly a hard-fought battle, the victor emerged triumphant, having proved their strength and prowess as a fierce warrior.

- Battle Log -
Opensea aka. Brokensea blows magic mushroom powder at Ultimate FIGHTER #3659! (-21) Ultimate FIGHTER #3659 opens their beak wide and unleashes a torrent of flames, burning Opensea aka. Brokensea to a crisp. (-3) Opensea aka. Brokensea is bleeding... (-5) Opensea aka. Brokensea creates a blazing-hot vortex from Bob's Burninator, dragging Ultimate FIGHTER #3659 into the fiery maelstrom! (-29) Ultimate FIGHTER #3659 has a wound that is bleeding slowly... (-5) Opensea aka. Brokensea has dominated his bitchass! Block Height - 16931546 Battle Hash - 4bf984757f26fbcbf4e4db96cd2fdd8e95d205d6bac1436a6c4567b02d4d13eb