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Item Background paper-cutter
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Super Fried Chicken #1434
Wins - 2
Losses - 2
Total Bets: 10100
Item Background spice-tenderizer
Item Background beak-guard
Item Background bobs-burninator
Wins - 0
Losses - 3
Total Bets: 100
Super Fried Chicken #1434 won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between Super Fried Chicken #1434 and ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 was intense and brutal. From the very beginning, Super Fried Chicken #1434 seemed to have the upper hand with the swift attack of hot oil from Bob’s Burninator enveloping ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078, leaving them gasping for air. However, ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 was not ready to give up just yet.

With one swift move, ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 summoned a giant meteor from the sky, crashing it down on Super Fried Chicken #1434 with such a force that left the audience awestruck. Super Fried Chicken #1434, however, got back up, charging up its power and unleashing a devastating blow on ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078. This round went to Super Fried Chicken #1434.

As the battle waged on, ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 suffered a deep wound and continued to bleed profusely. In a desperate move, ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 tried poking Super Fried Chicken #1434 with his spiky head. But the move proved futile as Super Fried Chicken #1434 pulled out Bob’s Burninator and fried ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 to crispy perfection.

In the end, it was Super Fried Chicken #1434 who emerged victorious, achieving glory for the flock. Despite the heated battle, Super Fried Chicken #1434 never faltered, always staying one step ahead of ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078. The audience cheered as Super Fried Chicken #1434 claimed its well-deserved victory.

- Battle Log -
Super Fried Chicken #1434 envelops ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 in a blistering-hot cloud of oil from Bob's Burninator, leaving them gasping for air! (-8) ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 has been slashed... (-5) ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 summons a giant meteor from the sky, crashing it down on Super Fried Chicken #1434 with apocalyptic force! (-16) Super Fried Chicken #1434 charges up its power and unleashes a devastating blow on ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078! (-16) ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 is bleeding from a gaping wound... (-10) ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 is poking Super Fried Chicken #1434 with his spiky head. Bet this is the worst head he's ever received! (-15) Super Fried Chicken #1434 just pulled out Bob's Burninator and fried the living chicken shit out of ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078. He's done folks! Crispy and unrecognizeable! (-22) ULTIMATE FIGHTER #2078 is bleeding profusely from a deep wound... (-15) Super Fried Chicken #1434 has achieved victory for the flock! Block Height - 16931540 Battle Hash - 4e29f11819c444fc696cf7a609ee909e77c5c59c895f578594235d421a3c3dbe