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Scottie Pippen
Wins - 2
Losses - 3
Total Bets: 11100
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Tripz 4 Dayz
Wins - 112
Losses - 92
Total Bets: 1000100
Tripz 4 Dayz won the fight!
- Summary -

In this fierce battle between Scottie Pippen and Tripz 4 Dayz, both the combatants gave their all in their fight to the finish. In the beginning, Scottie Pippen seemed to have the upper hand, pecking fiercely at Tripz 4 Dayz’s head with all his might. But this did not deter Tripz 4 Dayz, who bravely fought on, despite having a nasty gash in his head that was bleeding and causing him immense pain.

Soon, Tripz 4 Dayz launched a devastating attack that took Scottie Pippen by surprise. The attack was so powerful that it left Scottie Pippen gasping for air, and his eye started bleeding as well. Scottie Pippen fought on bravely, not willing to give up despite the grim odds. But Tripz 4 Dayz was determined to emerge victorious, and he fought with all his might, fueled by his undying passion for victory.

Finally, after a grueling battle that seemed to go on forever, Tripz 4 Dayz emerged victorious, on his way to becoming the cock master. His fierce dedication and unwavering courage paid off, and he finally emerged victorious in his fight against Scottie Pippen. It was a battle for the ages, and both combatants fought with honor and pride until the bitter end. But in the end, it was Tripz 4 Dayz who emerged the winner, having fought tooth and nail to earn his hard-fought victory.

- Battle Log -
Scottie Pippen pecks fiercely at Tripz 4 Dayz's head (-15) Tripz 4 Dayz has a nasty gash that is bleeding... (-5) Tripz 4 Dayz unleashes a devastating attack that leaves Scottie Pippen gasping for air! (-40) Scottie Pippen's eye is bleeding... (-5) Tripz 4 Dayz is on his way to cock master! Block Height - 16931523 Battle Hash - 6a431bcce4401c5f3642ab65963813574b3e6d51420667b40c8dd17882df116a