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World Sailor
Wins - 45
Losses - 23
Total Bets: 11100
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Cockodile Dundee
Wins - 152
Losses - 102
Total Bets: 1000100
World Sailor won the fight!
- Summary -

The fight between Cockodile Dundee and World Sailor was an intense and fierce battle. It began with a surprising attack by Cockodile Dundee, who had managed to smuggle in a knife and attacked World Sailor from behind. However, World Sailor quickly recovered and retaliated with a precise and deadly attack that left Cockodile Dundee on the ropes.

Cockodile Dundee wasn’t one to give up easily and he threw metal kebab skewers at World Sailor, rendering him unable to move. But World Sailor bounced back with a devastating kick to his opponent’s midsection, causing significant damage.

The fight took a turn for the worse when Cockodile Dundee spewed glyphosate sprayed GMO corn into World Sailor’s face, leaving him in agony. He had never experienced such pain before, and the screams could be heard from miles away.

Despite his injuries, World Sailor refused to give up and fought on, eventually using NAIR to humiliate and weaken Cockodile Dundee even further. The sight of feathers falling off his opponent and revealing his bare backside was gross, but it had the desired effect, leaving Cockodile Dundee reeling and vulnerable.

The end of the fight came when Cockodile Dundee suffered a deep cut that left him bleeding profusely, while World Sailor emerged victorious. He announced his intention to celebrate at Chickyland, no doubt to nurse his aching wounds and recover from the bloody battle.

- Battle Log -
Cockodile Dundee surprises World Sailor and attacks from behind with a smuggled-in knife! (-3) World Sailor delivers a precise and deadly attack that leaves Cockodile Dundee on the ropes! (-10) Cockodile Dundee throws metal kebab skewers at World Sailor and he can't move! (-6) World Sailor delivers a devastating kick to Cockodile Dundee's midsection. (-17) Cockodile Dundee spits glyphosate sprayed GMO corn into World Sailor's face! You could hear the screams a mile away! "No, not that, anything but Monsanto!" (-6) World Sailor is bleeding from a severe gash... (-15) World Sailor just threw NAIR all over him, oh boy thats bad. Feathers are falling off Cockodile Dundee, this is just gross, you can see his bare ass! (-23) Cockodile Dundee has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) World Sailor is going to celebrate at Chickyland! Block Height - 16931520 Battle Hash - bb0826df6a57ec392355127c243a07ca498efd2a2d1dbec018ebaa76107dce9e