Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bobs-burninator
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Foghorn Cockhorn
Wins - 109
Losses - 57
Total Bets: 10000
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bobs-burninator
Wins - 2
Losses - 4
Total Bets: 5000100
Foghorn Cockhorn won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle was intense right from the start, as Twisty caught Foghorn Cockhorn off-guard with a swirl of magic mushroom powder that made everything appear to be melting. However, the seasoned fighter wasn’t going to be taken down so easily, even as a small puncture wound started bleeding. With a mighty blow to Twisty’s jaw, Foghorn Cockhorn caused them to stagger and look dazed.

However, Twisty wasn’t about to give up, heating things up with Bob’s Burninator that caused Foghorn Cockhorn to flinch at the burning oil that splattered all over them. Even though the seasoned fighter was bleeding heavily, they continued to fight back with all their might. A single strike from Foghorn Cockhorn created a sonic boom that shattered Twisty’s eardrums and caused them to bleed heavily.

In the end, it was Foghorn Cockhorn who emerged victorious, having fought a tough battle against Twisty. The seasoned fighter was determined to celebrate their victory at Chickyland, proud of their fighting skills and the victory they had earned. The battle was over, but the memory of it would last forever.

- Battle Log -
Twisty blows magic mushroom powder at Foghorn Cockhorn, and everything seems like its melting! (-12) Foghorn Cockhorn is bleeding from a small puncture wound... (-5) Foghorn Cockhorn lands a crushing blow to Twisty's jaw, causing them to stagger. (-17) Twisty's eye is bleeding... (-5) Twisty heats things up with Bob's Burninator, causing Foghorn Cockhorn to flinch as burning oil splatters all over them! (-15) Foghorn Cockhorn can't stop bleeding... (-10) Foghorn Cockhorn slices through the air with a single strike, creating a sonic boom that shatters Twisty's eardrums! (-24) Twisty can't stop bleeding... (-10) Foghorn Cockhorn is going to celebrate at Chickyland! Block Height - 16928137 Battle Hash - f09d1b19b2ba7da1f5e1c7db141c016632e3d1bd5f21d0c7b18d42a44b5c1608