Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background golden-tenderizer
Item Background beak-guard
Manuel Ferrara
Wins - 9
Losses - 5
Total Bets: 5000100
Item Background secret-recipe
Item Background frog-skin-shield
Item Background bird-brained-flail
The Super Fried Chicken
Wins - 121
Losses - 86
Total Bets: 100100
The Super Fried Chicken won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between The Super Fried Chicken and Manuel Ferrara was intense and ferocious from the very beginning. The fight started as Manuel Ferrara used his psychic abilities to launch a powerful blast at his opponent, leaving The Super Fried Chicken dazed and confused. However, The Super Fried Chicken quickly recovered from the attack and landed a decisive blow, known as the ‘Pimp Slap’, that disoriented Manuel Ferrara to the point of making him ponder over becoming a Tendie vendor.

Manuel Ferrara fought back valiantly, using his precision to strike The Super Fried Chicken and leave him unable to move. But The Super Fried Chicken refused to back down, unleashing a fiery vortex on Manuel Ferrara that engulfed him in flames. As the battle raged on, both chickens sustained significant injuries, with Manuel Ferrara suffering a severe gash and a major laceration, while The Super Fried Chicken also endured some injuries.

Despite their injuries, both chickens displayed unwavering determination and courage. But at the end of the battle, it was The Super Fried Chicken who emerged victorious, throwing Manuel Ferrara back into the hen house after a hard-fought battle. The Super Fried Chicken’s agility, speed, and power proved too much for Manuel Ferrara to handle, and thus he was defeated.

- Battle Log -
Manuel Ferrara suddenly sprouts a third eye on their forehead, unleashing a powerful psychic blast that leaves The Super Fried Chicken dazed and confused. (-7) The Super Fried Chicken lands the all mighty 'Pimp Slap'. He has Manuel Ferrara so dazed he's about to make him turn tricks for Tendies! (-8) Manuel Ferrara is bleeding from a severe gash... (-15) Manuel Ferrara strikes with incredible precision, leaving The Super Fried Chicken unable to move! (-15) The Super Fried Chicken's attack creates a vortex of flames that engulfs Manuel Ferrara in a blazing inferno! (-8) Manuel Ferrara has a major laceration that is bleeding... (-20) The Super Fried Chicken has thrown Manuel Ferrara back in the hen house! Block Height - 16919826 Battle Hash - 3e20553ed1990b749cc5cf63558c0d3201e51ac25cd1677b3bfce2ae9014dd8d