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TieTieTie DyeDyeDye
Wins - 83
Losses - 87
Total Bets: 5002000
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Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bobs-burninator
Terence McCockna
Wins - 14
Losses - 4
Total Bets: 101100100
Terence McCockna won the fight!
- Summary -

Terence McCockna and TieTieTie DyeDyeDye clashed in a fierce battle of feathers and beaks. The two chickens went at it with a fury, each of them determined to come out on top. The battle started off with Terence McCockna using his Burninator to devastating effect, instantly frying TieTieTie DyeDyeDye into a crisp. However, TieTieTie DyeDyeDye managed to score a hit on Terence McCockna, throwing him into the deep fryer and dealing a heavy blow.

But Terence McCockna was not one to back down. He fought back with determination, unleashing a barrage of headbutts on TieTieTie DyeDyeDye, causing the other chicken to bleed heavily from an open wound. Despite this, TieTieTie DyeDyeDye did not give up easily, and continued to fight on with all the strength that remained.

In the end, it was Terence McCockna who emerged victorious, having overcome the relentless onslaught of TieTieTie DyeDyeDye. As he stood triumphant, Terence McCockna knew that he had earned his place among the cock masters, and he strutted proudly, basking in the glory of his hard-fought victory.

- Battle Log -
Terence McCockna just pulled out Bob's Burninator and fried the living chicken shit out of TieTieTie DyeDyeDye. He's done folks! Crispy and unrecognizeable! (-13) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye bled... (-5) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye throws Terence McCockna into the deep fryer! (-15) Terence McCockna pummels TieTieTie DyeDyeDye with a barrage of headbutts. (-20) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye is bleeding heavily from an open wound... (-10) Terence McCockna is on his way to cock master! Block Height - 16914126 Battle Hash - aabd2e6e235776726b25f6a47a77f1466bfc140b87b2cecd44ed7e41fd918f03