Item Background secret-recipe
Item Background bird-brained-flail
Item Background paper-cutter
Dennis Birdkamp
Wins - 91
Losses - 76
Total Bets: 10000
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bobs-burninator
Terence McCockna
Wins - 14
Losses - 4
Total Bets: 50000100
Terence McCockna won the fight!
- Summary -

The fantasy battle between Terence McCockna and Dennis Birdkamp was a fierce one, with both chickens displaying impressive feats of strength and agility. The battle appeared to be in Dennis Birdkamp’s favor early on, as he delivered a powerful blow that caused a mini-earthquake under Terence McCockna’s feet. However, Terence McCockna quickly came back with a fiery-hot blast from Bob’s Burninator. The attack left Dennis Birdkamp engulfed in flames, causing him to be in a vulnerable position.

Dennis Birdkamp seemed to be losing, but he was not about to go down without a fight. He landed a crushing blow that caused Terence McCockna to become heavily wounded and bleeding. However, Terence McCockna was not one to give up that easily, and he used the last bit of his strength to spin rapidly like a tornado. His powerful spin created a whirlwind that sent Dennis Birdkamp flying, taking off a chunk of his health from the impact. The attack left Dennis Birdkamp with a bleeding eye, and he didn’t seem to be able to recover from the damage.

In the end, it was Terence McCockna who emerged victorious, bringing glory to the flock. Despite being heavily injured, he refused to give up, and it was his sheer determination and resilience that ultimately won him the battle. It was a truly impressive display of chicken combat, and one that will be remembered for ages to come.

- Battle Log -
Terence McCockna unleashes a fiery-hot blast from Bob's Burninator, causing Dennis Birdkamp to burst into flames! (-19) Dennis Birdkamp delivers a crushing blow, causing a miniature earthquake beneath Terence McCockna! (-11) Terence McCockna is bleeding heavily from an open wound... (-15) Terence McCockna spins rapidly like a tornado, creating a whirlwind that sends Dennis Birdkamp flying. (-19) Dennis Birdkamp's eye is bleeding... (-5) Terence McCockna has brought glory to the flock! Block Height - 16913831 Battle Hash - 834a469f93960af96bde41429c3c6bd1c2b5d87f590ba3811faaf4d059f1bddc