Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bucket-helmet
Item Background bobs-burninator
Fed up roy cluckster
Wins - 2
Losses - 0
Total Bets: 100
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bobs-burninator
The Real Big Bird
Wins - 13
Losses - 13
Total Bets: 500500100
Fed up roy cluckster won the fight!
- Summary -

It was a fierce battle between the two chickens, with both sides throwing punches and trying to outdo the other. However, it was Fed up roy cluckster who ultimately emerged victorious. With his trusty weapon, Bob’s Burninator, he quickly turned The Real Big Bird into crispy and unrecognizable bits, leaving no doubt as to who was in charge.

Despite this, The Real Big Bird wasn’t going down without a fight. He fought back with everything he had, unleashing a scorching-hot gout of oil that sent Fed up roy cluckster staggering backward. It was a close call, but Fed up roy cluckster managed to keep his wits about him and fought back with vengeance.

Fed up roy cluckster then tied The Real Big Bird up and began plucking each feather out slowly, one by one. The Real Big Bird had taken a deep cut that was bleeding rapidly, and his energy was draining fast. In the end, he was no match for Fed up roy cluckster, who emerged victorious with a dominating performance that left no room for doubt.

- Battle Log -
Fed up roy cluckster just pulled out Bob's Burninator and fried the living chicken shit out of The Real Big Bird. He's done folks! Crispy and unrecognizeable! (-10) The Real Big Bird is losing blood... (-5) The Real Big Bird unleashes a scorching-hot gout of oil from Bob's Burninator, sending Fed up roy cluckster staggering backward! (-32) Fed up roy cluckster bled... (-5) Fed up roy cluckster ties The Real Big Bird up, and plucks each feather out slowly 1-by-1! (-14) The Real Big Bird has a deep cut that is bleeding rapidly... (-10) Fed up roy cluckster has dominated his bitchass! Block Height - 16907358 Battle Hash - 192d8924057566a97e35fd6198dd5dd47b8801d9d44317f3aa2aa9c49429a870