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Terence McCockna
Wins - 14
Losses - 4
Total Bets: 100
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No Neck Nick
Wins - 1
Losses - 9
Total Bets: 100
Terence McCockna won the fight!
- Summary -

The fight between Terence McCockna and No Neck Nick was intense right from the start. Terence began by launching a searing-hot ball of oil at his opponent, leaving No Neck Nick in a disorientated state. Quickly taking advantage of his condition, Terence continued his attack, pouring scorching oil all over No Neck Nick, which he then ignited. The result was a bird burnt to a crisp, struggling to keep up with the fight.

Despite suffering some damage, No Neck Nick managed to deliver a critical hit, knocking the wind out of Terence. However, it was too little too late, as Terence had already inflicted severe damage to No Neck Nick.

With No Neck Nick struggling, Terence’s victory was almost guaranteed. The final blow landed with Bob’s Burninator’s scorching oil, leaving No Neck Nick burnt to a crisp. It was a grueling battle, but Terence McCockna emerged triumphant, looking forward to celebrating his victory with some tasty chicken tenders at Chicks & Cocks.

- Battle Log -
Terence McCockna hurls a searing-hot ball of oil from Bob's Burninator, leaving No Neck Nick blinded and disoriented! (-17) No Neck Nick has a bleeding cut on their wing... (-5) No Neck Nick delivers a critical hit that knocks the wind out of Terence McCockna! (-27) Terence McCockna pours Bob's Burninator's scorching oil all over No Neck Nick, then ignites it! They're burnt to a crisp! (-24) No Neck Nick could use more blood... (-10) Terence McCockna is getting tendies ready for victory party at Chicks & Cocks! Block Height - 16896100 Battle Hash - 5606a3deb43c81385edfc29054671e00d4f586f8fc308f37643dbb5f2b55ce2e