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Wins - 0
Losses - 10
Total Bets: 500500500500
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Super Fried Chicken #3973
Wins - 23
Losses - 21
Total Bets: 100100
Super Fried Chicken #3973 won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between Super Fried Chicken #3973 and Bruce was a fierce one. Both chickens appeared evenly matched, each landing significant blows on the other. Super Fried Chicken #3973 started the fight aggressively, unleashing a potent stream of oil from Bob’s Burninator that caught Bruce off guard and sent him staggering backward. However, Bruce quickly recovered and inflicted a deep wound on Super Fried Chicken #3973.

The tide of the battle seemed to shift in Bruce’s favor when he locked Super Fried Chicken #3973 in a chiller and smashed him to pieces with a giant sledgehammer. Despite this brutal attack, Super Fried Chicken #3973 managed to muster the strength for a quick flurry of scratches that overwhelmed Bruce, inflicting significant damage on him.

Although Bruce fought hard, Super Fried Chicken #3973 proved to be the superior fighter. In the end, Super Fried Chicken #3973 crushed Bruce, emerging as the victorious chicken. Although both combatants sustained significant injuries, Super Fried Chicken #3973’s quick strikes ultimately proved to be too much for Bruce to handle.

- Battle Log -
Super Fried Chicken #3973 unleashes a scorching-hot gout of oil from Bob's Burninator, sending Bruce staggering backward! (-17) Bruce is bleeding from a shallow wound... (-5) Bruce locks Super Fried Chicken #3973 in a chiller and smashes him to pieces with a giant sledge hammer! (-3) Super Fried Chicken #3973 has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) Super Fried Chicken #3973 uses a quick flurry of scratches to overwhelm Bruce. (-24) Bruce has been slashed... (-5) Super Fried Chicken #3973 has crushed Bruce! Block Height - 16895745 Battle Hash - 8dab1e2146f783b25ef2f4302fd0a34eafb83aadc7198a86a0ad45fc6590ca39