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The Super Fried Chicken
Wins - 121
Losses - 86
Total Bets: 100
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Item Background frog-skin-shield
Frank Rizzo
Wins - 10
Losses - 10
Total Bets: 100
The Super Fried Chicken won the fight!
- Summary -

The fight between The Super Fried Chicken and Frank Rizzo was intense, to say the least. The Super Fried Chicken started the fight by slipping some DMT to Frank Rizzo, which made him believe that he can fly. While Frank Rizzo was lost in his own world, The Super Fried Chicken took advantage of the situation and made him jump off a cliff. Unfortunately, Frank Rizzo’s flight was short-lived, and he plummeted to the ground, causing severe damage to himself.

Frank Rizzo was bleeding from a laceration, which didn’t stop him from fighting. He tore off The Super Fried Chicken’s leg and started to spank him with it. However, The Super Fried Chicken didn’t give up; instead, he got hold of Frank Rizzo’s leg and threw him up in the air. In a stroke of bad luck, Frank Rizzo landed in the deep fryer, which turned him into a Super Fried Chicken.

In the end, The Super Fried Chicken emerged victorious, but not without a few battle scars. The fight was brutal, with both the chickens giving it their all. However, it was The Super Fried Chicken’s quick thinking and wits that proved to be the deciding factor. The fight was entertaining, to say the least, and the winner deserved the victory.

- Battle Log -
The Super Fried Chicken slips Frank Rizzo some DMT and convinces him that he can fly. Frank Rizzo gleefully jumps off a cliff and immediately plummets to the ground! (-12) Frank Rizzo is bleeding from a laceration... (-5) Frank Rizzo tears off The Super Fried Chicken’s leg and proceeds to spank him repeatedly with it! (-13) The Super Fried Chicken took Frank Rizzo by their leg and threw them in the air. Frank Rizzo fell inside the deep fryer, and now he is a Super Fried Chicken! (-16) Frank Rizzo's wound is bleeding heavily... (-10) The Super Fried Chicken is victorious! Block Height - 16887063 Battle Hash - 0cfa518539231cff8c04beedad401bfc9d83942ca57951d4295ce27758102a41