Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background secret-recipe
Item Background paper-cutter
Frank Rizzo
Wins - 10
Losses - 10
Total Bets: 100100100
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bobs-burninator
loose bone saw
Wins - 30
Losses - 31
Total Bets: 1000100
Frank Rizzo won the fight!
- Summary -

Frank Rizzo vs. Loose Bone Saw

The battle started with Frank Rizzo relentlessly tapping Loose Bone Saw, causing frustration and dealing damage (-10). The tables turned when Loose Bone Saw managed to bleed Frank Rizzo (-5) and pour oil from Bob’s Burninator causing agony (-10). However, Frank Rizzo retaliated with a powerful blow that left Loose Bone Saw reeling (-10) and unable to stop bleeding (-10). In the end, Frank Rizzo emerged victorious in the fight.

- Battle Log -
Frank Rizzo is tapping the living shit out of loose bone saw! The frustration is building, death by annoying tapping... (-10) loose bone saw bled... (-5) loose bone saw drenches Frank Rizzo in a searing-hot shower of oil from Bob's Burninator, causing them to writhe in agony! (-10) Frank Rizzo lands a powerful blow that leaves loose bone saw reeling! (-10) loose bone saw can't stop bleeding... (-10) Frank Rizzo has secured the W! Block Height - 16774766 Battle Hash - 72ea29170f44e3168de634b334aa1d2f2f0e835d9f2bdc8ab2b743a6efddba3a