Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bobs-burninator
AnderSchnoz Silva
Wins - 120
Losses - 94
Total Bets: 117
Item Background secret-recipe
Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bobs-burninator
Smoke this cock
Wins - 17
Losses - 21
Total Bets: 118
AnderSchnoz Silva won the fight!
- Battle Log -
Smoke this cock has landed a critical strike! (-16) AnderSchnoz Silva has been slashed... (-5) AnderSchnoz Silva pecked into the wings of Smoke this cock. Oh, It's nasty! AnderSchnoz Silva just applied the tourniquet, Smoke this cock is bleeding out. What a nasty TURN of events, pun intended! (-20) Smoke this cock is losing blood... (-5) AnderSchnoz Silva gets clawed in the breast! (-21) AnderSchnoz Silva bled... (-5) AnderSchnoz Silva just pulled out Bob's Burninator and fried the living chicken shit out of Smoke this cock. He's done folks! Crispy and unrecognizeable! (-23) Smoke this cock is bleeding out... (-10) AnderSchnoz Silva has dominated his bitchass! Block Height - 16759519 Battle Hash - 886d9ee428bd5dc84a37e65532a56a5fc1a6870a49e15bff7e2e2d145207f8aa