Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background beak-guard
Item Background bobs-burninator
Julio "Cabeza De Hongo" Chavez
Wins - 29
Losses - 24
Total Bets: 100
Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bucket-helmet
Item Background bobs-burninator
TieTieTie DyeDyeDye
Wins - 59
Losses - 70
Total Bets: 100
TieTieTie DyeDyeDye won the fight!
- Battle Log -
TieTieTie DyeDyeDye lands the all mighty 'Pimp Slap'. He has Julio "Cabeza De Hongo" Chavez so dazed he's about to make him turn tricks for Tendies! (-24) Julio "Cabeza De Hongo" Chavez offers TieTieTie DyeDyeDye some laced weed. TieTieTie DyeDyeDye immediately loses all motivation to fight! (-12) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye has been slashed... (-5) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye violently spits an eyeball at Julio "Cabeza De Hongo" Chavez. Where did that come from? Just look at Julio "Cabeza De Hongo" Chavez’s stunned face! Epic! (-24) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye is victorious against Julio "Cabeza De Hongo" Chavez! Block Height - 16685713 Battle Hash - a80a652f3383417f7791ac7a8c26329bc730ee2545e07e9d0a422448b3dbf1b5