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SunSpots McCock
Wins - 133
Losses - 99
Total Bets: 17500500500500
Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background bobs-burninator
Item Background
Super Fried Chicken #2541
Wins - 11
Losses - 18
Total Bets: 22200200200200
Super Fried Chicken #2541 won the fight!
- Battle Log -
Super Fried Chicken #2541 throws radioactive eggs in his opponent’s face and SunSpots McCock's eyes start bleeding while he tries to pick up what remains of his kids! (-12) SunSpots McCock's eye is bleeding... (-5) SunSpots McCock took Super Fried Chicken #2541 by their leg and threw them in the air. Super Fried Chicken #2541 fell inside the deep fryer, and now he is a Super Fried Chicken! (-14) Super Fried Chicken #2541 strikes with the most degen move ever, the 'Blow and Go'! SunSpots McCock is so coked out he cant even stand! (-19) SunSpots McCock could use more blood... (-10) Super Fried Chicken #2541 has thrown SunSpots McCock back in the hen house! Block Height - 16186929 Battle Hash - f7950ed08eba1658302a290aace247028922be3a2857fcac1418842c74965cdf