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Cockodile Dundee
Wins - 152
Losses - 102
Total Bets: 2500502500500
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Super Fried Chicken #1510
Wins - 3
Losses - 22
Total Bets: 666666666666
Cockodile Dundee won the fight!
- Battle Log -
Super Fried Chicken #1510 mounts Cockodile Dundee for the 'Ground Pound'. This is ugly folks! Cockodile Dundee is getting his beak bashed in to oblivion! (-11) Cockodile Dundee just pecked Super Fried Chicken #1510's beak off and blood is just squirting everywhere! (-30) Super Fried Chicken #1510 bled... (-5) Super Fried Chicken #1510 squirts buttermilk at Cockodile Dundee! (-5) Cockodile Dundee quickly executes a 'Jeet Cock Do Eye Gouge'! Super Fried Chicken #1510 can't see anything! This isn't looking good! (-39) Super Fried Chicken #1510 is bleeding out... (-10) Cockodile Dundee has made Super Fried Chicken #1510 his bitch! Block Height - 16156646 Battle Hash - b53f8dbb73c567c45061b5c2d889289b769731481838f6e95b0cbb23260ad9dd