Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background bobs-burninator
Item Background bucket-helmet
Wins - 21
Losses - 22
Total Bets: 100
Item Background frog-skin-shield
Item Background paper-cutter
Item Background bobs-burninator
Foghorn Cockhorn
Wins - 109
Losses - 57
Total Bets: 100
Mc'Cluck won the fight!
- Battle Log -
Foghorn Cockhorn sears Mc'Cluck's face with Bob's Burninator! Didn't know we charred black chicken soup here! (-8) Mc'Cluck is losing blood... (-5) Mc'Cluck hits Foghorn Cockhorn with brass knuckles and smashes his cock off! (-17) Foghorn Cockhorn has been slashed... (-5) Foghorn Cockhorn just pecked Mc'Cluck's beak off and blood is just squirting everywhere! (-12) Mc'Cluck's nose is bleeding... (-5) Mc'Cluck rubs spice in Foghorn Cockhorn’s eyes and then asks him which came first the chicken or the egg? Foghorn Cockhorn’s head is beginning to explode! (-24) Foghorn Cockhorn can't stop bleeding... (-10) Mc'Cluck has emerged victorious! Block Height - 15938122 Battle Hash - b72044f5735d31fec090d4d324870443edb6cd590c3ab193d16a39ce003ed968