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Oviraptorosaurian hell
Wins - 17
Losses - 23
Total Bets: 2000
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Pip Squeeky
Wins - 39
Losses - 27
Total Bets: 500000100
Pip Squeeky won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, sit tight and buckle up, because you’re about to relive one of the most exciting and brutal fights in the history of SFC’s Fight Club! From the red corner, you may remember Oviraptorosaurian Hell, with a record of 17-22, known for his tenacity and relentless onslaughts. And from the blue corner, we have Pip Squeeky, an undeniable powerhouse boasting an impressive record of 38-27!

The battle opened with a bang as Pip Squeeky kicked things into high gear, swiftly delivering a critical strike that sent Oviraptorosaurian Hell screeching across the arena. The crowd gasped as Oviraptorosaurian Hell collected himself, visibly marked by the encounter.

But despite the early blow, Hell was not to be outdone. Spotting an opportunity, he turned the tables and launched a surprise attack, using a smuggled-in blade to level the playing field. The crowd erupted as Pip Squeeky staggered for a moment, wrong-footed and caught off guard.

Still, the blue corner was not yet beaten! Pip Squeeky, in a surprising and bold move, rubbed spice right into Oviraptorosaurian Hell’s eyes and posed an ancient riddle, causing Hell’s head to almost burst from the crazed laughter that tore through the crowd. Oviraptorosaurian Hell was staggering now, a deep wound bleeding profusely…

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Hell, it is that he never goes down without a fight. Summoning his last ounce of strength, he let loose a cathartic fiery-hot blast that sent Pip Squeeky aflame and the audience to their feet. Pip squeaked from the heat, his frame marked by a gruesome cut, but he kept pushing forward.

In the end, it was Pip Squeeky’s counterattack that marked a turning point. In the most bizarre of fight moves, he threw genuine chicken excrement in Hell’s direction engendering a massive wave of cheer from the crowd that echoed around the arena and a grimace from Oviraptorosaurian Hell as his wounds deepened.

Bleeding heavily, struggling to continue, Oviraptorosaurian Hell succumbed to the onslaught, his knees buckling just as Pip Squeeky, bloodied but unbroken, managed to secure his victory. Pip Squeeky had won! The crowd exploded into frenzy, the cheers deafening as they celebrated the blue corner’s triumph in one of Fight Club’s most thrilling and gut-wrenching battles to date!

- Battle Log -
Pip Squeeky delivers a critical strike that sends Oviraptorosaurian hell flying! (-13) Oviraptorosaurian hell has been slashed... (-5) Oviraptorosaurian hell surprises Pip Squeeky and attacks from behind with a smuggled-in knife! (-13) Pip Squeeky rubs spice in Oviraptorosaurian hell’s eyes and then asks him which came first the chicken or the egg? Oviraptorosaurian hell’s head is beginning to explode! (-17) Oviraptorosaurian hell is bleeding profusely from a deep wound... (-10) Oviraptorosaurian hell unleashes a fiery-hot blast from Bob's Burninator, causing Pip Squeeky to burst into flames! (-27) Pip Squeeky has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) Pip Squeeky throws chicken shit at Oviraptorosaurian hell! (-16) Oviraptorosaurian hell's wound is bleeding heavily... (-15) Pip Squeeky has secured the W! Block Height - 19027008 Battle Hash - f3d249e37ce2eac8ea090de55641ea42064f94961c75d1715fc14f1542112502