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Saul Monella
Wins - 10
Losses - 19
Total Bets: 10000
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Item Background bobs-burninator
Auric Hunter
Wins - 5
Losses - 6
Total Bets: 50000100
Auric Hunter won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies, gentlemen, and poultry of all pecks, you could carve the tension in the Super Fried Chicken Fight Club’s arena with the edge of a beak tonight. Our two power-combating cocks stare each other down in the electrified atmosphere, and boy are we set for a barn-burner! In the red corner, the slippery veteran cock, Saul Monella with an open score of 9-17! And to the blue corner, our daring brawler, Auric Hunter, brandishing a record of 4-6!

When the bell rings, an explosion of feathers, fury, and frantic leaps burst forth! The agile Auric Hunter channels the fury of the smallest avian predator, blasting a super-hot jet of oil from his infamous Bob’s Burninator, leaving Saul Monella singed and smoldering! But, resilient Saul fires back, striking Auric’s midsection with the force of a thunderstorm.

And just when you thought the fight couldn’t get any more exciting, Auric strikes again with a torrent of flaming oil, causing Saul to scramble! The crowd bursts into a pandemonium of squawks, cock-a-doodle-doos, and deafening applause.

But this battle didn’t last long without a bit of the unpredictable, Aurec gets a titty twister and bleeds. And oh boy, it’s a gory spectacle! But he surpasses the pain. With a quick move, he gouges Saul’s eyes in an incredible ‘Jeet Cock Do’ move causing Saul to blindly lock Auric in a chiller for a counterattack.

Now I tell you, there has been no love lost between these two cocks! A roundhouse kick from Auric, a tendie scam from Saul, this match was unpredictable and savage! As the adrenaline surged, Auric was dealing with wounds while Saul suffered from blood loss - the ring was a smorgasbord of feathers and blood!

Through the blood and grime, toxic smoke, and amidst poultry pandemonium, Auric Hunter utters a deafening scream, unleashing a sonic blast that rattled the very foundations of the SFC arena.

And for the grand finale? A cocky move of carnage from Auric Hunter seals the deal, sending Saul Monella sprawling, thoroughly knocked out on the blood-smeared floor. The crowd erupts, exhilaration sweeping across the Fight Club as Auric is crowned the victor of this savage cock contest! A true testament to the wild, wonderful and truly bonkers world that is the Super Fried Chicken Fight Club.

- Battle Log -
Auric Hunter blasts a super-hot jet of oil from Bob's Burninator, leaving Saul Monella singed and smoldering! (-10) Saul Monella delivers a thunderous knee strike to Auric Hunter's midsection. (-2) Auric Hunter rains down a torrent of flaming oil from Bob's Burninator, causing Saul Monella to scramble in a frenzy! (-10) Saul Monella gives Auric Hunter the ultimate titty twister. Auric Hunter's feathers won't be growing back anytime soon! (-2) Auric Hunter bled... (-5) Auric Hunter quickly executes a 'Jeet Cock Do Eye Gouge'! Saul Monella can't see anything! This isn't looking good! (-10) Saul Monella locks Auric Hunter in a chiller and smashes him to pieces with a giant sledge hammer! (-2) Auric Hunter has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) Auric Hunter lands a fierce roundhouse kick, causing Saul Monella to stumble backwards. (-10) Saul Monella is losing blood... (-5) Saul Monella launches a rug project. Auric Hunter gets scammed of all their tendies! (-2) Auric Hunter is bleeding from a gaping wound... (-10) With a deafening scream, Auric Hunter unleashes a sonic blast that shatters the nearby windows! (-10) Saul Monella has a bloody scratch on their skin... (-5) Auric Hunter has knocked the fuck out of Saul Monella! Block Height - 18204055 Battle Hash - ca65a85499843f903a2fb1b9f8002a9bea19a59846b20dcfb654fda304b26fdc