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Wins - 68
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 212
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Ghostin Pecker Bill
Wins - 6
Losses - 6
Total Bets: 13544
Dank won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves, for tonight, deep in the heart of the Super Fried Chicken’s Fight Club, you’re about to witness an adrenaline-fueled showdown between two fierce fowl contenders! In the psychedelic colosseum that pulses with electric energy and reverberates with the rambunctious roars of the eager crowd, an astounding spectacle is about to unfold.

Announcing in the red corner, standing tall with his fiery eyes and tenacious spirit, our very own undefeated warrior, with a record of 64 wins and 46 losses, ladies and gentlemen, put your wings together for DANK! In the blue corner, the unpredictable and brazen rookie with a record of 6 wins and 4 losses, Ghostin Pecker Bill!

The fight gets underway with an absolute explosion of power as Dank charges forward like a ferocious, unnerving rooster sending ripples of shock throughout the arena. Dank, this unstoppable force, drives Ghostin Pecker Bill back with a mighty shoulder charge that leaves the spectators gasping and gripping their feathers in anticipation!

Unfazed, Ghostin fights back - with a prankster’s charm he spits gasoline into Dank’s face causing a gasping ripple to course through the crowd. It’s a shocking twist that sees the precocious poultry upping the stakes in the craziest of ways as the arena is filled with a gut-wrenching gasp! Then, as the smell of gasoline lingers in the air, Dank’s festering wound can’t be ignored, the red lifeblood seeping relentlessly, painting a chilling portrait of survival at its most resolute.

But the resilience of our fighter Dank is legendary, unrivaled. Without missing a beat, Dank covers the octagon in a daunting shade of dread as he unleashes a fiery burst from Bob’s Burninator. The unsuspecting Ghostin Pecker Bill gets scorched severely with the searing oil, sending shockwaves of awe throughout the crowd as the arena lights up with the fiery spectacle!

Ladies and gentlemen, against all odds, with courage in his heart and fire in his eyes, Dank has emerged victorious once again! In the face of grotesque challenges, he has proven himself to be a relentless warrior. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, Dank has secured the W! Raise your feathers and let’s give it up for the unstoppable victor, the undeniable champion, the ultimate fighter - DANK!

- Battle Log -
Dank charges forward and drives Ghostin Pecker Bill back with a mighty shoulder charge. (-34) Ghostin Pecker Bill spits gasoline into Dank's face! (-13) Dank's wound is bleeding steadily... (-5) Dank unleashes a fiery burst from Bob's Burninator, scorching Ghostin Pecker Bill with searing oil! (-29) Dank has secured the W! Block Height - 18061121 Battle Hash - 09ac13b804a689e551061b9676d55add3b0ffc904bcb5c267932bc8b608ff478