Item Background red-shroom
Item Background bobs-burninator
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Popcorn CockArrel
Wins - 17
Losses - 17
Total Bets: 13711
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Item Background bobs-burninator
Item Background lobotomizer
Cock Commander
Wins - 41
Losses - 45
Total Bets: 322
Popcorn CockArrel won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just witnessed an absolutely flustered mortal-cluck! Without a grain of doubt in my mind, I can tell you this was the best Fight Club match in the illustrious history of the Super Fried Chicken series. We’ve had a night to remember!

To begin with, the raucous noise of the crowd reverberated through the structure of our Poultry Pontifex Arena as the fighters stepped into the ring. In the red corner, we had the ever-confounding Popcorn CockArrel, a gritty fowl known for his relentless determination. Summoning the spirit of his 14 victories, he was staring down the mighty Cock Commander in the blue corner with nerves of steel.

Our fight took off on an outrageous note as Popcorn CockArrel pulled out Bob’s Burninators. The true WTF moment was when he shoved the barrel into Cock Commander’s backside! The blue corner stalwart was aflame, taken by surprise and probably wondering ‘What the cluck?’ The roar of the crowds was deafening, but it was just the beginning. The sparks were flying, and Cock Commander was literally roasting. The flames engulfing him turned him into a fiery spectacle at the heart of this inspired pit fight.

Turns out, Cock Commander is no chicken. He fought back with the strength that helped him achieved his 41 impeccable wins. A precise strike, that left Popcorn CockArrel temporarily immobilized. As his opponent writhed in agony, the crowd was filled with a certain tension.

Then Popcorn CockArrel, the devilish daredevil, resorted to an age-old chickenishly technique. He hurled eggs at Cock Commander’s eyes! The crowd gasped. Cock Commander stumbled, blinded by the gooey onslaught, wreaking havoc on his vision. It was bizarre, yet a shrewd stratagem.

Popcorn CockArrell was relentless, even ruthless in his pursuit to turn the tides of the match to his favor, displaying the scorching spirit of the Fight Club. He leaped off into the sky and came crashing down like a meteor on the blinded Cock Commander. A blinding flash of colors burst through the crowd, an explosive right in the arena. Talk about an omelette of a shock!

And there it was, the final guillotine maneuver. Cock Commander was down, stars spinning around his head. The crowd erupted into madness, chanting Popcorn CockArrel’s name, and rose in a standing ovation. The smell of victory was sweeter than roasted corn, ladies and gentlemen. A Fight Club night that will echo in the annals of SFC history, forever!

Remember his name, ladies and gentlemen. Remember the name Popcorn CockArrel, annihilator of the Fight Club!

- Battle Log -
Popcorn CockArrel just pulled out Bob's Burninator and shoved the barrel into Cock Commander's butt. Cock Commander was engulfed in flames from the inside-out! (-11) Cock Commander strikes with incredible precision, leaving Popcorn CockArrel unable to move! (-22) Popcorn CockArrel throws eggs at Cock Commander's eyes! (-18) Popcorn CockArrel has knocked the fuck out of Cock Commander! Block Height - 17914278 Battle Hash - 0b3fdf187f846822dc1557f4a6a57b1b44842586c41db4ac48f6d194c6c0d8bd