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FrogHorn Leghorn
Wins - 106
Losses - 83
Total Bets: 10000314
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Han Solo
Wins - 14
Losses - 26
Total Bets: 63622
FrogHorn Leghorn won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls! Cluckers of all ages! Welcome to another electrifying night of madness and mayhem in the SFC Fight Club! In the red corner, boasting a record of 105 wins and 83 losses, sweating charisma and rage is our seasoned veteran, FrogHorn Leghorn! And in the blue corner, with 14 wins and a whopping 23 losses, the audacious underdog, Han Solo!

BAM! The fight kicks off with a bang! FrogHorn Leghorn wastes no time, coating his adversary in the scalding hot oil of Bob’s Burninator. His whirling feathers a spectacle of dazzling colors as he lights Han Solo up like a Christmas tree. The crowd roars as flames sputter and crackle - Squawk, that’s gotta hurt!

Han Solo reels, his plumage aflame, yet continues to fight back, enduring a slash that draws crimson onto the already chaotic floor. The blue-corner warrior isn’t down yet, returning fire with a precise hurl of scalding-hot oil from his own Burninator. It hits FrogHorn Leghorn square on, the ravenous flame’s force throwing the veteran back.

The spectators are half-mad with delight, pouring cheers and anticipation into the psychedelic expanse of our Fight Club. Tension escalates, and FrogHorn Leghorn shoots back into the fray. The red corner behemoth retaliates with a swift and deadly retaliation as his beak sprays a scalding-hot stream from his Burninator device, smothering Han Solo in a rain of liquid fire.

Han Solo’s vibrant colors are muted under a layer of smoke, a heavy thundercloud of hurt. His wound from the earlier slash continues to bleed heavily, dripping steady beads of red underneath him that lends a chilling tattoo on the battle-scarred arena.

Then… it’s all over. Against the crackling embers of the smoky battlefield, one figure remains standing- FrogHorn Leghorn. His silhouette, albeit battered, is victorious, an emblem of unwavering spirit and endurance. The crowd erupts anew, their cries shaking the colosseum as they pay homage to the warrior’s performance.

FrogHorn Leghorn, the crowd favorite of tonight, has once again proved his worthiness in the arena! Alight with glory, he basks in the wild applause from his captivated audience. He has staked his claim for greatness once more in the SFC Fight Club – not just a victor, but a true Champion among fighters! Congratulations, FrogHorn Leghorn, we salute your triumph!

- Battle Log -
FrogHorn Leghorn coats Han Solo in Bob's Burninator's hot oil, then lights them up like a Christmas tree! That's gotta hurt! (-20) Han Solo has been slashed... (-5) Han Solo hurls a ball of searing-hot oil from Bob's Burninator, striking FrogHorn Leghorn with explosive force! (-22) FrogHorn Leghorn sprays a scalding-hot stream from Bob's Burninator, leaving Han Solo sizzling and smoking! (-29) Han Solo's wound is bleeding heavily... (-10) FrogHorn Leghorn has proved his worthiness in the arena! Block Height - 17895532 Battle Hash - 62d0eec92fd68d6b7b005f9d366dce5602e989c18db66be0594da99b3c32551d