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Saul Monella
Wins - 10
Losses - 19
Total Bets: 13711
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SunSpots McCock
Wins - 133
Losses - 99
Total Bets: 354
SunSpots McCock won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a recap of the Fight Club spectacular the likes of which are seldom seen outside the surreal fever dream of SFC’s psychedelic clubhouse. Buckle up, because it’s time to dive back into the chicken coop chaos.

In the red corner, we saw gritty underdog, Saul Monella. Despite his lackluster record of 9-16, he proved to be a scrappy contender who wasn’t ready to go down easy. Then there was Sunspots McCock in the blue corner, a 129-98 veteran with a reputation for dealing out bone-crunching blows that echo through the psychedelic annals of SFC history.

The fight kicked off with a thunderous start as SunSpots McCock, agile and ruthless, delivered a critical hit knocking the wind straight out of Saul Monella. The crowd’s collective gasp was soon replaced with roars of delight. Monella, though reeling and seemingly on the back foot, came back with a vengeance straight from a nightmare. With a seismic roar, the bird transformed into a monstrous gargantuan, squashing McCock underfoot!

The courageous McCock, unfazed by the sight of his own blood trickling from a superficial wound, continued the battle. Ingeniously leveraging his own psychedelic prowess to counter his opponent’s power, McCock abruptly grew twice his size. His titanic talons crashed down on Monella, sending tremors up the stadium walls. The arena shook, the spectators gasped, and Monella was visibly reeling, a wide cut spewing blood across the psychedelic colosseum.

And then, the capstone of the evening. SunSpots McCock, with a power and precision that sent shockwaves through the hushed crowd, delivered a knockout blow so powerful it seemed the boundaries of reality themselves blanched in awe. The monstrous figure of Saul Monella was flung across the arena, landing in silence and defeat.

The dust settled, and there standing victorious was the imposing figure of the blue-ringed fighter, SunSpots McCock - his place in the annals of Fight Club’s wild history unquestionably secured. An evening of bird brawl bar none, only to be found in the rampant, chaotic and always electrifying Fight Club arena of SFC. This is one for the books, ladies and gentlemen. The night, the glory, the victory…All hail to SunSpots McCock!

- Battle Log -
SunSpots McCock delivers a critical hit that knocks the wind out of Saul Monella! (-17) Saul Monella is bleeding out... (-15) With a fierce roar, Saul Monella transforms into a giant, crushing SunSpots McCock underfoot! (-27) SunSpots McCock is bleeding from a shallow wound... (-5) SunSpots McCock suddenly grows twice their size and stomps down on Saul Monella with their enormous talons. (-8) Saul Monella has a large cut that is pouring blood... (-20) SunSpots McCock has knocked the fuck out of Saul Monella! Block Height - 17914268 Battle Hash - f01f0e96a4ff7361026a86522fadbc0eaf51b36a590379e682faf80e8f81482b