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El Pollo Loco
Wins - 15
Losses - 20
Total Bets: 100100100100
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Cockodile Dundee
Wins - 152
Losses - 102
Total Bets: 5000000100
Cockodile Dundee won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not just another night in the legendary SFC Fight Club! The atmosphere is alight with an energy so electric, it crackles through the psychedelic colosseum, charging the night with urgency. We bring to you a confrontation for the ages. In the right corner, we have El Pollo Loco, the feathered berserker, locked with a 50% win-rate. But tonight, the odds are stacked against him as he faces off against the known titan of our times! In the left corner, Cockodile Dundee, the monstrous myth, the beaked behemoth with a stunning record of 150 wins to 101 losses. Buckle up, folks—this is going to be nothing short of a wild, wild ride!

The match begins in an explosion of colours, feathers flying high, amidst deafening roars. Cockodile Dundee, in a display of otherworldly power, conjures a meteor from the realm above! Gasps echo throughout the colosseum as the giant celestial rock plunges down upon El Pollo Loco with an apocalyptic ferocity. Smoke and dust fill the arena as El Pollo Loco is seen bleeding—a shallow wound, but nonetheless a wound!

Despite the onslaught, El Pollo Loco roars back to life with a shocking charge! He strikes back, not with beak nor claw, but using his tail! Cockodile Dundee is sent spiraling through the air like a feather in the wind, the crowd collectively holding their breath.

But the formidable Cockodile Dundee is not deterred! Back on his feet—or talons—rather swiftly, he launches a barrage of strikes, a flurry so fast it births a whirling tornado! Poor El Pollo Loco is swallowed by the violent tempest, his wounds bleeding heavily…

Darkness descends, and as the dust settles, there stands Cockodile Dundee—victorious, revered. Amidst a sea of dropped jaws and crazed cheers, he emerges the glorious conqueror of this carnivorous clash, taking home all the Tendies! Ladies and Gentlemen, toast to our feral victor, the invincible Cockodile Dundee! On this exhilarating night, he has engrained his name in the annals of SFC Fight Club. Today, cockadoodledoo indeed!

- Battle Log -
Cockodile Dundee summons a giant meteor from the sky, crashing it down on El Pollo Loco with apocalyptic force! (-28) El Pollo Loco is bleeding from a shallow wound... (-5) El Pollo Loco charges forward and smacks Cockodile Dundee with their tail, sending them soaring through the air. (-6) Cockodile Dundee delivers a flurry of strikes so fast they create a whirlwind that envelops El Pollo Loco! (-34) El Pollo Loco's wound is bleeding heavily... (-10) Cockodile Dundee has taken all the Tendies with this win! Block Height - 17830774 Battle Hash - b0e9a0d4765903e74eb6ea861a97aa667cdf2fc95136ec299ef3c3d7857e4e94