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Gustavo Fwing
Wins - 10
Losses - 25
Total Bets: 10000
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Wins - 68
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 50000100
Dank won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and Gentlemen, hold on to your feathers, cause you’re in for a clucking spectacle tonight! In the psychedelic aura of our very own Fight Club pulse-racing Colosseum, we had an unforgettable showdown between two fearsome fighters, Gustavo Fwing and Dank!

On one side, the red corner, our challenger, Gustavo Fwing! Strutting with a wild look in his eyes, he entered the ring with a daunting record of 10-20 victories plastered on his chest. His mettle was to be proven tonight, and that’s eggs-actly what he aimed to do.

And on the other side, the blue corner was graced by Dank – a titanic poultry titan boasting a record of 61-46, his feathers streaked with the colors of a hundred battles, his spirit unbroken. He was here to make chicken salad of his opponent, and boy, did he!

The fight began with a clash of titans as Dank launched at Gustavo with an incredible headbutt, a power play that would make a seasoned boxer envious! Poor Gustavo was left sporting a gory cut, his feathers painted with the crimson telltale of first blood.

But Gustavo wasn’t one to cluck in defeat just yet! With a return punch that created an actual miniature earthquake beneath Dank, Gustavo unveiled the fierce cockerel within. Dank staggered back, a deep cut oozing the medals of his battle entanglement with Gustavo.

Yet, Fwing’s victory was short-lived. Dank, rekindling his wit, retaliated with a coop-de-grace that left the onlookers shell-shocked. In a masterstroke of strategy, he smothered Gustavo in Bob’s Burninator’s hot oil and set him aflame, turning his foe into a festive spectacle that, while incredibly damaging, was oddly mesmerizing.

This was a game of life and death, of glory and defeat. Gustavo, despite his gushing wound, bore his predicament with a warrior’s grit. But Dank’s fiery tactics were too hot to handle, and the night wasn’t for the Fwing.

In a final display of dominance, Dank secured his win, leaving Gustavo Fwing in bitter defeat, tail feathers drooping in disappointment. Not only had he lost the battle, but Dank, in a final celebratory coup, brought shame upon Gustavo’s flock.

The triumphant Dank stood, victorious in the ring, a true testament to the spirit of SFC’s Fight Club - wild, unpredictable, and undeniably thrilling! Here’s to Dank, our victor, who, in his match against Gustavo Fwing, proved that not all chickens are meant to cross the road to victory. Some just burn brighter in the heat of the struggle!

- Battle Log -
Dank bashes Gustavo Fwing with a powerful headbutt. (-25) Gustavo Fwing has a nasty gash that is bleeding... (-5) Gustavo Fwing delivers a crushing blow, causing a miniature earthquake beneath Dank! (-28) Dank has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) Dank coats Gustavo Fwing in Bob's Burninator's hot oil, then lights them up like a Christmas tree! That's gotta hurt! (-50) Gustavo Fwing has a serious cut that is gushing blood... (-10) Dank has brought shame to Gustavo Fwing's flock! Block Height - 17889332 Battle Hash - c706ce4cac275cee70e1c0941ce643c7546e659f45066aa639e47119836f8918