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Nevermind the BuzzCocks...
Wins - 105
Losses - 90
Total Bets: 199
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Ghostin Pecker Bill
Wins - 6
Losses - 6
Total Bets: 5958
Ghostin Pecker Bill won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the most far out, the most birdbrained, ridiculously feathers-flying-in-your-face fight of the century. Tonight, we witnessed the battle of the underbird, Ghostin Pecker Bill versus the seasoned champion, Nevermind the BuzzCocks!

Starting off with a surreal display of kinetic energy, Ghostin Pecker Bill channeled his inner Zen and performed the legendary ‘Miyagi’ move. Bam! Confused stars were all Nevermind the BuzzCocks saw. Our energy-filled arena shook with laughter at Ghostin Peckers’ witty remark, “Wax on, wax off bitch!”

The red corner contender, BuzzCocks was shaken but not stirred; However, the universe played its hand, and in a freak mishap, BuzzCocks bled. With the battle cry of a warrior, BuzzCocks flyswung his Bird Brained Flail towards Pecker Bill’s face in full brawl mode. The crowd gasped, questioning the possible health insurance coverage of Ghostin Pecker Bill.

But lo and behold, Ghostin Pecker Bill, unflinching and fierce, called upon the raw power of the earth. A mighty quake rattled the whole colosseum, swallowing Nevermind the BuzzCocks right into the abyss - what a pandemonium!

Bloodied, and severely wounded, BuzzCocks lashed out with a shocking maneuver, leveraging Ghostin Pecker Bill’s arm in an illegal sideways! A bone-cracking noise and some wild screams later, BuzzCocks gruesomely weaponized that snapped limb, but that was not enough to drop Ghostin’s spirit.

Despite losing an arm (literally!), it was as if Ghostin Pecker Bill pounded on the door of death and returned triumphantly. Facing mortality, Ghostin pulled off a game-changing critical strike, sending BuzzCocks airborne. The crowd exploded, losing their minds as BuzzCocks landed like a plucked feathered mass

With another round of severe gashing, BuzzCocks was at the death’s edge. But folks, this is when legends are born! Ghostin Pecker Bill, in an absolutely otherworldly fantastic state, jumped in for the killing stroke— and dominated his opponent!

So, grab your winner caps, everyone, as we hail Ghostin Pecker Bill, the new Super Fried Chicken Fight Club Champion! From the near brink of death, to the heights of victory, this underdog, or rather ‘underchicken,’ won hearts and the title tonight! This, folks, is the real savage poultry spirit!

- Battle Log -
Ghostin Pecker Bill pulls a 'Miyagi'! Nevermind the BuzzCocks... is on the ground seeing stars while hearing "Wax on, wax off bitch!". (-6) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... bled... (-5) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... picks up the Bird Brained Flail and swings it wildly at Ghostin Pecker Bill's face. I hope he's got health insurance! (-7) Ghostin Pecker Bill channels the power of the earth, causing a massive earthquake to swallow Nevermind the BuzzCocks... whole! (-6) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... is bleeding from a severe gash... (-10) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... is bending Ghostin Pecker Bill's arm in a direction its not supposed to go! Holy shit, it just snapped off and now hes beating him to death with it! (-7) Ghostin Pecker Bill is bleeding out... (-15) Ghostin Pecker Bill delivers a critical strike that sends Nevermind the BuzzCocks... flying! (-6) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... is bleeding from a severe gash... (-15) Ghostin Pecker Bill has dominated his bitchass! Block Height - 17814696 Battle Hash - c21c11a9df33314fe320cae5e90a2dd98497b1b4da3b32462c64dffb72b50d1f