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Spartacus Longcock
Wins - 27
Losses - 28
Total Bets: 100
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The Super Fried Chicken
Wins - 121
Losses - 86
Total Bets: 100
The Super Fried Chicken won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Fight Club like no other – psychedelic, electrifying and pulsating with crazy energy! I’m your announcer, watching alongside you as this peculiar fight unfolds!

On our left, standing firm, is the ruffled and rough, Spartacus Longcock, boasting an impressive record of 25-24. Across him, standing tall is the formidable contender in blue, The Super Fried Chicken, carrying a crushing record of 119-86. A clucking chaos this is going to be!

Spartacus Longcock proved why he’s not poultry to be messed with as he struck an early blow, landing an outrageous punch that rattled the skulls of audience members! The Super Fried Chicken was reeling, feathers flying, never before seen taking a shot like that!

Boom! Spartacus was relentless! The Super Fried Chicken was battered and bled profusely. The crowd was in shock. Could this be defeat for our fowl fighter?

But hold your horses – or should I say, chickens! The Super Fried Chicken was far from cooked. It twisted and twirled, wrapping itself in a swirling, feathered tornado studded with the intimidating glint of the Bird Brained Flail. Sparks flew as it slashed through Spartacus, leaving him wounded.

Rousing from the state of shock, Spartacus unleashed his ace, Bob’s Burninator, resulting in blazing damage to the Super Fried Chicken, sizzling the air and prompting oohs and gasps from the crowd. However, in an unexpected turn, The Super Fried Chicken answered back with a series of rapid, powerful strikes, causing Spartacus to weaken! But Spartacus was not to be beaten. With a steely gaze, he burned The Super Fried Chicken with a staggering hit. The smell of singed feathers filled the Fight Club arena!

The crowd was on their feet! Both fighters were bleeding, trading blows, feathers, and fiery flares! Ending the gruesome, finger-licking round, The Super Fried Chicken launched a bone-crushingly explosive strike on Spartacus, spattering the dusty floor crimson. Spartacus Longcock, our fierce fighter, was gripped by heavy blood loss.

The crowd held its breath because they knew, the end was near…

In a mind-boggling verdict, the battle ended with the victor - The Super Fried Chicken, beating Spartacus Longcock by a feather and burying him 6 feet under! Keeping their record, coming out of this wild and exhilarating fight stronger than ever, The Super Fried Chicken earned all the recognition!

This was Fight Club, nerve-wracking till the very end, celebrating the gritty, outlandish, and supremely powerful – The Super Fried Chicken in the most thrilling way possible! Don’t worry, folks, we’ll be back with more acts of crazy cluckiness soon! Till then, let’s hear it for your victor, The Super Fried Chicken!

- Battle Log -
Spartacus Longcock strikes with incredible force, leaving The Super Fried Chicken momentarily stunned! (-3) The Super Fried Chicken bled... (-5) The Super Fried Chicken twirls the Bird Brained Flail and creates a whirlwind of feathers that slices Spartacus Longcock! (-9) Spartacus Longcock unleashes a super-hot blast from Bob's Burninator, leaving The Super Fried Chicken in a state of shock and disbelief! (-1) The Super Fried Chicken is bleeding profusely from a deep wound... (-10) The Super Fried Chicken strikes with incredible speed and power, each hit landing with a sickening thud. (-9) Spartacus Longcock could use more blood... (-15) Spartacus Longcock unleashes Bob's Burninator and fries The Super Fried Chicken to a crisp! You could hear the sizzle a mile away! (-1) The Super Fried Chicken is bleeding from a gaping wound... (-15) The Super Fried Chicken lands a devastating palm strike to Spartacus Longcock's nose, causing blood to spurt. (-9) Spartacus Longcock's wound is bleeding heavily... (-20) The Super Fried Chicken has put Spartacus Longcock 6 feet under! Block Height - 17845201 Battle Hash - 630a6830af1ed1ea1c00187f269c08975eef01da5339466ffbec3810d69199ea