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Sergio Kok
Wins - 9
Losses - 19
Total Bets: 100
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Item Background secret-recipe
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Foghorn Cockhorn
Wins - 109
Losses - 57
Total Bets: 100100100
Foghorn Cockhorn won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a brawl that will shock the rooster out of you! Welcome to the Psychedelic Colosseum, the location of the frenzied tumult of Super Fried Chicken Fight Club! The place is packed to eruption, and the energy here, it’s nothing short of electric!

In the red corner, we have ourselves a peculiar contender. Despite suffering a mixed record of 9 victories to 15 losses, never underestimate the unpredictable Sergio Kok! Known for his daring stunts and comedic valor, this bird is notorious for his recovery and comebacks from impossible situations!

And from the blue corner, a legendary force that has swiftly gained fame, with a fantastic record of 105 victories to a mere 56 defeats. Drum roll, folks! Introducing the battle-hardened, the fear-striking… Foghorn Cockhorn! His crushing blows and speed have led many chickens biting the dust.

As the bell clanged, the intense chicken war commenced! Foghorn Cockhorn, living up to his reputation, immediately charged at Sergio Kok landing a rock-solid beak hit! The crowd went berserk, and an all-too-familiar crimson mushroom cloud ascended into the arena. Sergio Kok was visibly hurt, with a deep cut bleeding profusely, only adding to the peacock blood artwork on the pit floor!

Bearing the pain, Sergio Kok produced a trick out of his feathers, pulling out what appeared to be… yes, it was Bob’s Burninator! With a daring shove, he thrust it into Foghorn Cockhorn’s feathered back, and in a dramatic twist, Foghorn was a fiery spectacle, heat pulsating from him as he reeled in flaming agony!

However, shock was short-lived as Foghorn Cockhorn got back on his talons, displaying a fierce tenacity, his left wing bleeding, but the danger was evident in his eyes. True to his unpredictable manner, Foghorn turned the fight comic, utilizing an incendiary weapon of hilariously strategic proportions. He commenced a tickling onslaught on Sergio, bringing a wave of laughter from the crowd as Sergio left a hilarious trail of chicken pellets in the middle of the pit whilst stumbling around helplessly.

But the crowd’s attention soon turned solemn, as Sergio was bleeding critically, the aroma of deep-fried challenge in the air. The cock crowd rattled with tension and guilt, clucks of sympathy echoing around the arena. And then, it happened… drenched in sweat and blood, Sergio Kok collapsed.

The triumphant cackle echoing around the pit was unmistakable. Our ultimate champion - Foghorn Cockhorn was victorious! What a riveting night at the SFC Fight Club, where we witnessed an extraordinary show of resilience, tenacity, and outrageous humor. This fight will go down in the annals of chicken warfare as a heated, hilarious, and heart-breaking affair.

So, as the sun sets on the Psychedelic Colosseum, we ask our audience to remember this name - Foghorn Cockhorn, the undisputed champ of the Super Fried Chicken arena! And as for brave Sergio Kok, we thank you for the entertainment and encourage you to get back up for the next clucking battle! Quite the manic Monday, folks! Until next time in the SFC Fight Club, it’s a goodnight and goodbye from us!

- Battle Log -
Foghorn Cockhorn charges at Sergio Kok and lands a solid hit. (-9) Sergio Kok has a deep cut that is bleeding rapidly... (-15) Sergio Kok just pulled out Bob's Burninator and shoved the barrel into Foghorn Cockhorn's butt. Foghorn Cockhorn was engulfed in flames from the inside-out! (-6) Foghorn Cockhorn has a bleeding cut on their wing... (-5) Foghorn Cockhorn tickles the shit out of Sergio Kok. This is embarrassing, Sergio Kok is leaving a trail of chicken pellets all over the pit! (-9) Sergio Kok is bleeding out... (-20) Foghorn Cockhorn is victorious! Block Height - 17706471 Battle Hash - bfde361ac12e4cdc97c39121865bea304cd0ea9d3de6e095fe564ee4f0fdb199