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Cock Commander
Wins - 41
Losses - 45
Total Bets: 987654321
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Wins - 3
Losses - 4
Total Bets: 10000100
Cindy won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, feathered fighters, and psychedelic enthusiasts, welcome to the SFC Fight Club, where the chickens battle it out in the most mind-bending showdowns this side of Barstow! I’m your announcer, and tonight we have an exhilarating fight that will ruffle your feathers and leave you squawking for more!

In the red corner, we have the seasoned veteran, a bird with a reputation as savage as his beak, the one and only Cock Commander, boasting a record of 41 wins and 42 losses! And in the blue corner, the up-and-coming brawler, a fresh face with flaming potential, it’s Cindy, with an underdog record of 2 wins and 3 losses!

As the bell rings, the fight kicks off with a bang! Cock Commander wastes no time and lands a critical strike, leaving Cindy reeling (-9). But Cindy won’t be deterred, spraying a scorching-hot jet from Bob’s Burninator, which melts everything in its path and leaves Cock Commander singed and covered in ashes (-15).

Cock Commander, fueled by a burning vengeance, retaliates by landing the all mighty ‘Pimp Slap.’ Cindy is left so dazed and confused, the audience begins to worry he might just start turning tricks for Tendies (-15). However, Cindy regains composure and decides it’s time to turn up the heat! Unleashing a fiery gout of oil from Bob’s Burninator, Cindy sends Cock Commander staggering backward, smoke billowing from their feathers (-20).

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, Cock Commander reaches into his bag of tricks and doses Cindy with ecstasy! Cindy suddenly starts dancing like it’s 1999, but this dance break is short-lived (-18). Seizing the opportunity, Cindy drenches Cock Commander in super-heated oil from Bob’s Burninator, leaving the once-mighty fighter reeling from the intense heat, feathers charred and vision blurred (-26).

The final bell rings, and the crowd leaps to their feet in a frenzy of clucking and cheering! Against all odds, the underdog emerges victorious as Cindy triumphantly stands over the defeated Cock Commander! Ladies and gentlemen, the Fight Club has just witnessed a true battle for the ages, reminding us all that when it comes to SFC, anything is possible!

So, grab your glow sticks and shake those tail feathers! Let’s celebrate Cindy’s hard-earned victory in the unforgettable and psychedelic world of Super Fried Chicken’s Fight Club!

- Battle Log -
Cock Commander has landed a critical strike! (-9) Cindy sprays a scorching-hot jet from Bob's Burninator, melting everything in its path and leaving Cock Commander in ashes! (-15) Cock Commander lands the all mighty 'Pimp Slap'. He has Cindy so dazed he's about to make him turn tricks for Tendies! (-15) Cindy unleashes a scorching-hot gout of oil from Bob's Burninator, sending Cock Commander staggering backward! (-20) Cock Commander drops some extasy on Cindy who starts dancing like it's 1999. What in the hell just happened? (-18) Cindy drenches Cock Commander in super-heated oil from Bob's Burninator, leaving them reeling from the intense heat! (-26) Cindy is victorious against Cock Commander! Block Height - 17466036 Battle Hash - 02479c8ecadd19afe2c4368dfe6f5e2e81f6f855996f978bd9fcdb08870f6aae