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Edgar Allan POck
Wins - 13
Losses - 22
Total Bets: 100
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TieTieTie DyeDyeDye
Wins - 83
Losses - 87
Total Bets: 1000000100
Edgar Allan POck won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here in the heart of the Super Fried Chicken’s Fight Club, and tonight promises to be an unforgettable clash! In the red corner, our enigmatic fighter with an Edgar Allan Poe twist, it’s Edgar Allan POck, carrying a record of 11-17! And in the blue corner, we have the chaotic psychedelic warrior TieTieTie DyeDyeDye, with an impressive record of 81-83!

The bell rings, and the fight is on! Wasting no time, Edgar Allan POck taps into the cosmic forces and channels the power of the sun, sending a scorching beam of light straight towards TieTieTie DyeDyeDye! Our trippy chicken in the blue corner is hit hard, and a laceration appears… he won’t recover easily from that one, folks (-8)! Blood is already starting to seep from TieTieTie DyeDyeDye’s wound (-5).

Battered but not yet beaten, TieTieTie DyeDyeDye retaliates by unleashing a scorching-hot gout of oil from his secret weapon, Bob’s Burninator! Edgar Allan POck is sent staggering backward from the heat and force of the attack (-18). The crowd gasps as our red-corner fighter suffers a nasty, bleeding wound in the process (-5).

With tension in the air, Edgar Allan POck takes a bold and bizarre move. The crowd watches in awe as he throws NAIR all over TieTieTie DyeDyeDye! Within seconds, feathers start falling off TieTieTie DyeDyeDye’s body, revealing his very bare behind (-8)! Groans and laughter echo through the Fight Club, but the battle is far from over.

As TieTieTie DyeDyeDye fights on, his once flamboyant plumage now tattered and bloodied, we can see he’s in trouble. The severe gash festers, and blood continues to flow (-10). With each second, TieTieTie DyeDyeDye weakens, and it’s becoming clear that Edgar Allan POck just might pull off the upset of the century!

And there you have it, folks! Against all odds, Edgar Allan POck has emerged VICTORIOUS! What an incredible, nail-biting battle we’ve witnessed here at the SFC Fight Club! Our undervalued underdog defied expectations and showed us that true power and cunning can be found in the most unexpected of places. Edgar Allan POck will surely be a name that Fight Club fans won’t forget anytime soon! Let’s give a thunderous round of applause for our triumphant winner, Edgar Allan POck!

- Battle Log -
Edgar Allan POck channels the power of the sun, blasting TieTieTie DyeDyeDye with a scorching beam of light! (-8) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye is bleeding from a laceration... (-5) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye unleashes a scorching-hot gout of oil from Bob's Burninator, sending Edgar Allan POck staggering backward! (-18) Edgar Allan POck has a wound that is bleeding slowly... (-5) Edgar Allan POck just threw NAIR all over him, oh boy thats bad. Feathers are falling off TieTieTie DyeDyeDye, this is just gross, you can see his bare ass! (-8) TieTieTie DyeDyeDye is bleeding from a severe gash... (-10) Edgar Allan POck has emerged victorious! Block Height - 17404167 Battle Hash - 5680932401d8930e571ea226d4df628d75ca19303eb3af9fbe64f592e379054a