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Gustavo Fwing
Wins - 11
Losses - 25
Total Bets: 100
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Cockodile Dundee
Wins - 152
Losses - 102
Total Bets: 1000100
Gustavo Fwing won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen - boys, girls, and chickens of all ages! Welcome to the spectacle of the century: the unforgettable, mind-boggling event known as the Super Fried Chicken Fight Club! Hold on to your beaks, folks, and brace yourselves for untamed excitement and brutal pecking as we prepare for an extraordinary battle!

In the red corner, we have the feisty underdog, Gustavo Fwing – with a record of 7 savage victories and 15 rough defeats, this plucky battler is no stranger to an unpredictable brawl! And in the blue corner, the legendary terror of the coop, Cockodile Dundee! Boasting an impressive record of 141 victories and 94 defeats, this formidable opponent is a force to be reckoned with!

The fight begins! Gustavo Fwing immediately delivers a rapid, forceful kick that sends Cockodile Dundee reeling off-balance! The crowd gasps! But Dundee quickly recovers, swinging their feared Bird Brained Flail with Herculean strength, smashing Gustavo into the ground! The arena goes wild! The underdog struggles to get up, but then in a moment of sheer adrenaline, Gustavo Fwing fights back with a flurry of powerful strikes that leaves Cockodile Dundee stumbling and bewildered!

The unstoppable Cockodile Dundee, furious and driven by pure instinct, flaps its mighty wings with such ferocity that a gale-force gust sends Gustavo Fwing tumbling across the arena. Oh, the drama! Yet, Gustavo Fwing prevails, getting back up and hurling tar at Cockodile Dundee - what a turn of events!

This is insane, folks, but the chaos doesn’t stop there! Cockodile Dundee hurls the notorious Bird Brained Flail back at Gustavo, unleashing a flurry of feathers that fill the air! What a sight! But Gustavo Fwing, seizing an opportunity, locks Cockodile Dundee into a slow cooking oven and gleefully watches as their fierce opponent starts to succumb!

Cockodile Dundee endures, visibly bleeding, but not giving up! Desperate, Dundee chucks flour into the air, blinding Gustavo Fwing in a cloud of powdery confusion! But Gustavo won’t go down without a fight! Fwing cranks up Bob’s Burninator to the max, turning up the heat and leaving Cockodile Dundee burnt to a crisp! What a brutal, unexpected turn!

Cockodile Dundee, now severely bleeding out, loses the battle to stand. And there you have it, folks! Against all odds, tonight’s winner is Gustavo Fwing! He has left a stunned audience in awe and brought unfathomable glory to his family through this fierce battle! Give it up for Gustavo! This is one for the history books, forever etched in the blood-streaked sands of the Super Fried Chicken Fight Club!

- Battle Log -
Gustavo Fwing uses a quick and powerful kick to knock Cockodile Dundee off balance. (-4) Cockodile Dundee swings the Bird Brained Flail with all their might and smashes Gustavo Fwing into the ground! (-6) Gustavo Fwing delivers a flurry of powerful strikes that leave Cockodile Dundee staggering! (-7) Cockodile Dundee flaps their wings so hard that they create a massive gust of wind that sends Gustavo Fwing tumbling backwards. (-6) Gustavo Fwing throws tar on Cockodile Dundee! (-4) Cockodile Dundee throws the Bird Brained Flail at Gustavo Fwing, causing feathers to fly everywhere! (-6) Gustavo Fwing locks Cockodile Dundee into a slow cooking oven and watches its slow demise! (-7) Cockodile Dundee is bleeding... (-5) Cockodile Dundee throws flour in the air and Gustavo Fwing can't see sh@t! (-6) Gustavo Fwing cranks Bob's Burninator on high. Cockodile Dundee was burnt to a crisp! Toasty! (-4) Cockodile Dundee is bleeding out... (-10) Gustavo Fwing has brought glory to his family! Block Height - 17352518 Battle Hash - 5b91be94eb5dd3624c2de244ff4ec26312d207eae1191500f0a5034e3297df96