Item Background red-shroom
Item Background beak-guard
Item Background bobs-burninator
Tico MacTick
Wins - 20
Losses - 21
Total Bets: 50505050505
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background bobs-burninator
Item Background kitchen-flame-mask
Cock Commander
Wins - 41
Losses - 45
Total Bets: 100100100
Tico MacTick won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, mayhem aficionados of all ages – I present to you, the Super Fried Chicken Fight Club showdown of the century! Today, we witness psychedelic poultry powerhouses Tico MacTick from the red corner, boasting an impressive record of 15-9, take on the indomitable Cock Commander from the blue corner, with a remarkable 40-40 record! Buckle up, as this wild and ludicrous encounter sets the stage for an unforgettable experience!

In a dizzying display of aggressive determination, Cock Commander opens the fight with a stinging cock slap, sending Tico MacTick reeling (-14)! But Tico MacTick refuses to back down, quickly regaining his composure and retaliating. In a stunning move, he grabs Cock Commander’s leg, hurling the bird high into the air like a sizzling firework!

In a twist of fowl fate, the blue corner’s beloved Cock Commander descends rapidly, landing with a sickening splat into a deep fryer (-6)! Have you ever seen such a fall from grace? Ladies and gents, we now have witnessed the spectacular birth of Super Fried Chicken Commander!

As the fried combatant emerges from his oil-soaked cocoon, we see that he’s been gravely wounded, with blood oozing from his injuries (-5). However, he’s not finished yet! Cock Commander summons a nuclear inferno, unleashing a scorching-hot gout of oil from Bob’s Burninator! Tico MacTick, engulfed in the blazing fury, staggers backward (-20).

For more normal birds, this would be a guaranteed knockout. But not for mighty Tico MacTick! Seeing his adversary gasping for breath, Tico seizes his chance to deliver a precise, deadly attack that leaves Cock Commander reeling and on the ropes (-6)!

As the battered blue corner’s champion struggles to maintain consciousness, his wounds deepen, bleeding more profusely (-10). Tico MacTick, sensing his impending victory, beams with pride as he declares dominance over his “bitchass” opponent.

In a colossal burst of fanfare, we announce the champion of tonight’s surreal, anarchic, and utterly stupendous brawl: TICO MACTICK! Let the ethereal realms of Super Fried Chicken Fight Club sing his praises throughout the galaxies and eternity!

- Battle Log -
Cock Commander cock slaps Tico MacTick! (-14) Tico MacTick took Cock Commander by their leg and threw them in the air. Cock Commander fell inside the deep fryer, and now he is a Super Fried Chicken! (-6) Cock Commander has a wound that is bleeding slowly... (-5) Cock Commander unleashes a scorching-hot gout of oil from Bob's Burninator, sending Tico MacTick staggering backward! (-20) Tico MacTick delivers a precise and deadly attack that leaves Cock Commander on the ropes! (-6) Cock Commander has a deep cut that is bleeding rapidly... (-10) Tico MacTick has dominated his bitchass! Block Height - 17321204 Battle Hash - fa7879f4d044b72266c4f4b4a74438453c786476b43440fe75ac52cb54fcc9eb