Item Background bobs-burninator
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background bucket-helmet
Jimminy Snicket
Wins - 24
Losses - 22
Total Bets: 100
Item Background secret-recipe
Item Background mr-thornies-armguards
Item Background golden-tenderizer
Axel Cock
Wins - 8
Losses - 7
Total Bets: 100
Jimminy Snicket won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ‘round and hold onto your seats because we’re about to dive right into the madness that is the Super Fried Chicken Fight Club! Get ready for a psychedelic whirlwind of feathers and mayhem! Tonight, we’ve got the unstoppable Jimminy Snicket in the red corner, boasting a perfectly balanced record of 15-15, going up against the fierce Axel Cock, representing the blue corner, with an impressive record of 8-6. What a battle this is going to be!

As the match begins, the air is electric with anticipation, and the crowd is roaring in excitement. Jimminy Snicket wastes no time, putting his razor-sharp beak to good use and delivering lightning-fast pecks to Axel Cock! The crowd gasps and cheers! (-9)

But Axel Cock isn’t out of the fight yet! He retaliates with a mighty force, landing the legendary ‘Pimp Slap’ that sends waves of shock through the audience. Jimminy Snicket reels, clearly disoriented and feeling the might of Axel’s blow! The crowd is in suspense – could this be the end for Jimminy? (-10)

As blood dribbles from a shallow cut on Jimminy Snicket, it only serves to fuel the fire within him. (-5) Suddenly, like a tempest emerging from the depths of the chicken shack, Jimminy Snicket produces a stunning flurry of strikes! The whirlwind of pecks, claws, and feathers envelops Axel Cock and leaves the audience breathless. (-18)

The incredible force of Jimminy’s attack has left Axel Cock reeling, bloody scratches marking his feathery skin. (-5) But it’s too late – this ferocious hen has delivered the finishing blow! The dust settles, and Jimminy Snicket stands victorious amongst the chaos!

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for tonight’s triumphant warrior, Jimminy Snicket, who secured an epic win in this unforgettable battle! The Super Fried Chicken Fight Club continues to live up to its legacy, delivering heart-pounding and mind-bending fight after fight, right here in the heart of Barstow’s psychedelic chicken shack! So get ready for the next wave of madness, and don’t forget: always bet on the chicken that brought you to Mars!

- Battle Log -
Jimminy Snicket uses its beak to jab Axel Cock with lightning-fast pecks. (-9) Axel Cock lands the all mighty 'Pimp Slap'. He has Jimminy Snicket so dazed he's about to make him turn tricks for Tendies! (-10) Jimminy Snicket is bleeding from a shallow cut... (-5) Jimminy Snicket delivers a flurry of strikes so fast they create a whirlwind that envelops Axel Cock! (-18) Axel Cock has a bloody scratch on their skin... (-5) Jimminy Snicket has secured the W! Block Height - 17317130 Battle Hash - 2c129a5b1d3f3aa31684fe9dc78be13dadac0a2b2e341f5a51ca106eac5f21db