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Smoky LaCock
Wins - 26
Losses - 30
Total Bets: 10000
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Item Background bobs-burninator
Item Background secret-recipe
Wins - 68
Losses - 48
Total Bets: 50000100
Dank won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, and chickens of all ages! Prepare yourselves for a psychedelic spectacle, a mind-bending melee, and an absolutely buckwild brawl! Welcome to the Super Fried Chicken Fight Club!

In the red corner, weighing in at an unknowable number of psychedelic substances, the firestarter, the flame-throwing fiend, the hot wing hero – Smoky LaCock! With a record of 22 wins and 20 losses, this feathery fighter is ready to bring the heat!

And in the blue corner, doused in a haze of mystery and an aura of immeasurable power, the titan of tidal waves, the smoky señor, the true OG – Dank! Holding a record of 54 wins and 40 losses, this potent pugilist is the definition of high stakes!

The bell rings, and the fight begins! With a flick of the wrist, Dank summons a gargantuan tidal wave that crashes down on Smoky LaCock! The crowd roars as the waves pound Smoky, leaving him soaked and reeling from the impact. A wound starts to bleed slowly on Smoky, but he’s not backing down without a fight!

Shaking off the shock, Smoky LaCock transforms into a titanic, fire-breathing monster! The crowd gasps in awe as he unleashes a gargantuan inferno, incinerating Dank with an earth-shattering roar! Dank takes the hit, a bleeding cut now visible on their wing, but still stands strong.

As the tension reaches a fever pitch, Dank unleashes a powerful blast of energy that leaves Smoky LaCock, the monstrous fire-breather, staggering! Smoky’s wounds worsen, a major laceration now bleeding profusely. But both fighters are giving it their all, refusing to back down!

And finally, in an unforgettable moment of triumph, Dank smokes Smoky LaCock with a decisive blow! The crowd erupts in an explosion of cheering and psychedelia as Dank claims victory!

Ladies and gentlemen, what a match! Let’s hear it for your winner, the awe-inspiring, the shockingly strong, the unparalleled master of the mystical – Dank! This will be a fight etched in the annals of Super Fried Chicken Fight Club history, to be immortalized in legend forevermore!

- Battle Log -
With a flick of the wrist, Dank summons a massive tidal wave that crashes down on Smoky LaCock! (-7) Smoky LaCock has a wound that is bleeding slowly... (-5) Smoky LaCock transforms into a giant, fire-breathing monster, incinerating Dank with a massive flame breath! (-14) Dank has a bleeding cut on their wing... (-5) Dank unleashes a powerful blast of energy that leaves Smoky LaCock reeling! (-11) Smoky LaCock has a major laceration that is bleeding... (-10) Dank has smoked Smoky LaCock! Block Height - 17316914 Battle Hash - e4832f1021bac9082eb5ac7617822291d28e0ca675c64537f69e55bc09e5102d