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Tripz 4 Dayz
Wins - 112
Losses - 92
Total Bets: 123456789
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Wins - 5
Losses - 10
Total Bets: 25000100
WigGLE WIGGLE won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most anticipated event in the history of the Super Fried Chicken Fight Club! Get ready for a psychedelic showdown like you’ve never witnessed before! Tonight, we bring you an epic battle between two of our mightiest warriors!

In the red corner, with a formidable record of 105 wins and 83 losses, it’s the brawler that dances with the Devil in the pale moonlight, the one, the only, Tripz 4 Dayz!

In the blue corner, with a record of 2 wins and 7 losses, but a fierce determination that cannot be quenched, it’s the avian fury that’ll make your head spin, the mesmerizing chaos of WigGLE WIGGLE!

The tension in the air is near unbearable as the crowd roars with anticipation. Both fighters are primed and ready for action. The referee calls for the bell, and the battle begins!

WigGLE WIGGLE wastes no time and immediately unleashes a vortex of flames! Tripz 4 Dayz is engulfed in this blazing inferno, a sight that can only be described as pure carnage!

But Tripz 4 Dayz refuses to go down that easily! Despite bleeding from a gaping wound, he retaliates by furiously tapping at WigGLE WIGGLE. The crowd can feel the frustration building, as the death by annoying tapping begins!

Unfazed, WigGLE WIGGLE continues to fight with a vengeance, even as blood pours from his own open wound. This avian warrior does not know the meaning of surrender!

In an incredible display of force, WigGLE WIGGLE delivers a flurry of powerful strikes, leaving Tripz 4 Dayz staggering! The crowd can barely contain their excitement at this ruthless exchange!

Tripz 4 Dayz is now visibly damaged, with a large cut pouring blood. The audience knows this can’t go on for much longer – it’s a do or die situation!

Suddenly, in the climactic moment, WigGLE WIGGLE delivers the knockout blow that nobody expected! Tripz 4 Dayz crumbles before the sheer force, rendered completely unconscious!

Ladies and gentlemen, against all odds, and with the odds stacked against him, the winner of this unbelievable battle is none other than the unpredictable powerhouse of WigGLE WIGGLE!

The crowd erupts in ecstatic cheers as the underdog emerges victorious. Tonight, we have witnessed an incredible upset, and a true testament to the power and unpredictability that awaits within the SFC Fight Club. Long live WigGLE WIGGLE, the champion of the night!

- Battle Log -
WigGLE WIGGLE's attack creates a vortex of flames that engulfs Tripz 4 Dayz in a blazing inferno! (-6) Tripz 4 Dayz is bleeding from a gaping wound... (-15) Tripz 4 Dayz is tapping the living shit out of WigGLE WIGGLE! The frustration is building, death by annoying tapping... (-7) WigGLE WIGGLE is bleeding heavily from an open wound... (-15) WigGLE WIGGLE delivers a flurry of powerful strikes that leave Tripz 4 Dayz staggering! (-6) Tripz 4 Dayz has a large cut that is pouring blood... (-20) WigGLE WIGGLE has knocked the fuck out of Tripz 4 Dayz! Block Height - 17264413 Battle Hash - ee8c385c60a968ab2ddf022a8c620b4700117e8bf689a0a97125aacb568b1339