Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background kitchen-flame-mask
Item Background bird-brained-flail
Wins - 16
Losses - 8
Total Bets: 100
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background golden-tenderizer
Item Background hunters-med-pack
FrogHorn Leghorn
Wins - 106
Losses - 83
Total Bets: 100100100
FrogHorn Leghorn won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most feverish spectacle in the world of SFC Fight Club! Tonight, we’ve gathered you all to bear witness to an electrifying battle that’ll echo in the annals of history as the ultimate psychedelic combat experience!

In the red corner, with a respectable record of 16 wins and 7 losses, we have the notorious, the fearsome, the one and only – Buschemi! But don’t count out the competition just yet! Standing in the blue corner, with a staggering record of 100 wins and 80 losses, we present to you the legend, the enigma, the standing psychedelic symbol of avian brawling – FrogHorn Leghorn!

As the air crackles with the frenzied energy of the crowd, the match gets underway. Buschemi wastes no time throwing caution to the wind as they charge with the Bird Brained Flail, swinging it with a ferocious force that reverberates throughout the arena. The crowd watches with bated breath as the flail connects, sending FrogHorn Leghorn crashing into the ground in a debilitating blow!

But FrogHorn Leghorn, true to their indomitable spirit, refuses to be bested. Determinedly shaking off the pain, they rise from the wreckage, eyes blazing with furious defiance. The crowd roars in anticipation as FrogHorn Leghorn unleashes a legendary move – the ‘Miyagi’!

With the speed and grace of a martyr on a mission, FrogHorn Leghorn slams Buschemi to the ground with a devastating impact. The arena reverberates with the sound of the beating, as the crowd chants, “Wax on, wax off, bitch!”

Blood seeping from their laceration, Buschemi struggles to rise, the disorientation and agony evident on their face. But this warrior has no intention of surrendering easily, nonetheless powerless at the mercy of FrogHorn Leghorn’s brutal onslaught.

However, tonight’s match sees destiny favoring the veteran. Seeing an opportunity, FrogHorn Leghorn seizes the moment and delivers a final crippling blow that seals their victory, taking the cake in this wild and pulse-pounding match.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the unstoppable force in SFC Fight Club – your winner, FrogHorn Leghorn! In their triumphant, drug-induced splendor, we’re sure this fight will go down in legend as one of the most exhilarating battles to grace the psychedelic halls of the SFC colosseum!

- Battle Log -
Buschemi swings the Bird Brained Flail with all their might and smashes FrogHorn Leghorn into the ground! (-25) FrogHorn Leghorn pulls a 'Miyagi'! Buschemi is on the ground seeing stars while hearing "Wax on, wax off bitch!". (-29) Buschemi is bleeding from a laceration... (-5) FrogHorn Leghorn has taken the cake! Block Height - 17259289 Battle Hash - 742f8e6d91a4005504b247f802fe81003ae3518f6c92b5793e584751a5a939f2