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Super Fried Chicken #1911
Wins - 6
Losses - 14
Total Bets: 100
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El Pollo Loko
Wins - 34
Losses - 24
Total Bets: 1000100
El Pollo Loko won the fight!
- Summary -

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the SFC Fight Club, where the atmosphere is electric and the fights are as wild as they come! Tonight, we have a psychedelic showdown between two formidable fighters: Red corner’s Super Fried Chicken #1911, with a record of 6-13, and Blue corner’s El Pollo Loko, boasting a record of 30-24! It’s a battle of feathers, talons, and mind-bending moves as these two champions throw down in the arena!

The fight begins explosively as El Pollo Loko, the cunning and unpredictable fighter, hurls radioactive eggs straight into the face of Super Fried Chicken #1911! His eyes start to bleed, adding to the bewilderingly surreal scene, as Super Fried Chicken feverishly tries to pick up the remains of his shattered offspring (-21). The damage is devastating, and Super Fried Chicken’s eye continues to bleed uncontrollably (-5).

But Super Fried Chicken #1911 is not giving up that easily! Striking back with newfound resolve, he delivers a monstrous blow that causes a miniature earthquake beneath El Pollo Loko (-10)! The powerful clash shakes the entire colosseum, with the bewildered crowd gripping the edges of their seats, unsure of what’s to come.

A wily trickster, El Pollo Loko has something else up his sleeve. He offers Super Fried Chicken #1911 some laced weed, catching him off guard. Super Fried Chicken #1911 takes a hit, and instantly loses all motivation to fight (-29)! As the fighter’s determination wanes, and his large cut continues to pour blood (-10), El Pollo Loko knows he has won this psychedelic battle of the birds.

Ladies and gentlemen, with a daring and twisted performance, the winner of this unforgettable showdown is none other than El Pollo Loko! His wild tactics and cunning strategy lead him to yet another victory in the SFC Fight Club. The crowd erupts in applause as the dust settles, their minds blown by the incredible battle they’ve just witnessed.

Only in the world of Super Fried Chicken can you experience such heart-stopping, surreal, and horrifying fights. Until next time, folks, remember to always expect the unexpected at the SFC Fight Club!

- Battle Log -
El Pollo Loko throws radioactive eggs in his opponent’s face and Super Fried Chicken #1911's eyes start bleeding while he tries to pick up what remains of his kids! (-21) Super Fried Chicken #1911's eye is bleeding... (-5) Super Fried Chicken #1911 delivers a crushing blow, causing a miniature earthquake beneath El Pollo Loko! (-10) El Pollo Loko offers Super Fried Chicken #1911 some laced weed. Super Fried Chicken #1911 immediately loses all motivation to fight! (-29) Super Fried Chicken #1911 has a large cut that is pouring blood... (-10) El Pollo Loko is victorious! Block Height - 17265254 Battle Hash - ec061111d3d055e2717f22acc76c324209c0e6c889e7002940ef6a80d02f9a4a