Item Background blue-bulls
Item Background frog-skin-shield
Item Background bobs-burninator
Wins - 7
Losses - 3
Total Bets: 500500500
Item Background kitchen-flame-mask
Item Background wishbone-shiv
Item Background bobs-burninator
The Cocky Chopper
Wins - 59
Losses - 49
Total Bets: 50050000100
The Cocky Chopper won the fight!
- Summary -

The battle between The Cocky Chopper and Cluckraiser was intense from the beginning. The Cocky Chopper showed superior speed and skill, landing lightning-fast jabs that left Cluckraiser disoriented. Cluckraiser managed to land a powerful kick to The Cocky Chopper’s ribcage, but it wasn’t enough to discourage his opponent.

Both chickens were heavily wounded, with deep cuts oozing blood. The Cocky Chopper, not willing to back down, unleashed a powerful blast of energy that left Cluckraiser reeling. But despite the damage, Cluckraiser refused to give up and continued to fight fiercely.

Unfortunately, the fight ended soon thereafter. Cluckraiser was bleeding from a gaping wound, and The Cocky Chopper delivered the final blow that put his opponent six feet under. In the end, The Cocky Chopper was the clear winner of the battle.

- Battle Log -
The Cocky Chopper strikes with lightning-fast jabs, leaving Cluckraiser disoriented. (-17) Cluckraiser's wound is bleeding steadily... (-5) Cluckraiser delivers a bone-shattering kick to The Cocky Chopper's ribcage. (-11) The Cocky Chopper has a deep cut that is oozing blood... (-5) The Cocky Chopper unleashes a powerful blast of energy that leaves Cluckraiser reeling! (-24) Cluckraiser is bleeding from a gaping wound... (-10) The Cocky Chopper has put Cluckraiser 6 feet under! Block Height - 17247985 Battle Hash - fc3d70fe1b20b0a7ea59c60bf8ec6e876b0836129a344d79b1afc445c8366421