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Cock O'Doodle Doo
Wins - 36
Losses - 19
Total Bets: 100
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Item Background kitchen-flame-mask
Item Background paper-cutter
Nevermind the BuzzCocks...
Wins - 105
Losses - 90
Total Bets: 100
Nevermind the BuzzCocks... won the fight!
- Summary -

It was a fierce battle between two chickens, Cock O’Doodle Doo and Nevermind the BuzzCocks. From the start, Cock O’Doodle Doo tried to gain the upper hand by throwing tar at Nevermind the BuzzCocks. However, the latter was quick to retaliate with a vicious elbow strike to Cock O’Doodle Doo’s temple, inflicting significant damage.

Despite sustaining a nasty gash that was bleeding and a deep cut that was bleeding rapidly, Cock O’Doodle Doo fought back hard. The brave chicken pecked fiercely at Nevermind the BuzzCocks’s head, trying to weaken the opponent.

Yet, Nevermind the BuzzCocks proved to be a formidable foe. Bob’s Burninator gave him an edge in the battle, enabling him to ignite a super-heated explosion that sent Cock O’Doodle Doo flying through the air. The impact was significant, causing further damage to the already injured Cock O’Doodle Doo.

In the end, Nevermind the BuzzCocks emerged as the winner. With the help of Bob’s Burninator, he had delivered some powerful strikes that ultimately proved too much for Cock O’Doodle Doo. As the victor, Nevermind the BuzzCocks claimed the title of the best chicken in the land, worth more than Cardano.

- Battle Log -
Cock O'Doodle Doo throws tar on Nevermind the BuzzCocks...! (-7) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... delivers a vicious elbow strike to Cock O'Doodle Doo's temple. (-25) Cock O'Doodle Doo has a nasty gash that is bleeding... (-5) Cock O'Doodle Doo pecks fiercely at Nevermind the BuzzCocks...'s head (-7) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... ignites a super-heated explosion from Bob's Burninator, sending Cock O'Doodle Doo flying through the air! (-35) Cock O'Doodle Doo has a deep cut that is bleeding rapidly... (-10) Nevermind the BuzzCocks... wins and is worth more then Cardano! Block Height - 17111285 Battle Hash - 0fde5d6c062e65ceabb9151635adaa086072caeb2ff8a86ef4617f267f33f2e7